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RUSH: I want to welcome back to the program — after a long absence, since the last book — my brother, David, who has a brand-new book out called Guilty by Reason of Insanity.  Welcome, by the way.  Great to have you here. You’re ensconced and ready to go there, right?

DAVID:  Ready — and the subtitle is critical: “Why the Democrats Must Not Win.”  Thank you so much for having me on, by the way.

RUSH:  You bet.  “Why the Democrats Must Not Win.”  Now, your first books were political and then you wrote two or three Christian-themed books, and all phenomenally successful, very successful.  I mean, they parallel the success Trump had with his 12 books.

DAVID: (laughing)

RUSH: Now you’ve gone back to a political book again.  Why? Why did you do that?  Have you exploited all you want to on the Christianity side and…?

DAVID:  No.  In fact, I wanted to do another Christian book, but I think we’re living in very troubling times, and I’m so passionate about both my faith beliefs and politics.  We’re living in danger of losing this country, as you talk about every day.  The left is arrogant, out of control, increasingly extreme, and literally insane.  Their ideas are objectively insane.  So I want to, in long form… I don’t have a radio show, obviously, or any other show. So what I do sometimes is write books about things.

And I want to make — and I think I have made — a comprehensive case against the left from abortion to immigration to their crazy gender ideas, their crazy race ideas, their ideas about socialism. I go into great detail — comprehensively, broadly, and also in-depth — and I hope it’s an accessible book that explains and gives our side ammunition.  Because we have to take this case to the people.  The “yutes,” as you have said, are falling prey to the seductive allure of socialism.  We have to counter that, and I hope to give people ammo to counter that.  You give them ammo every day; I want to do my small part.

RUSH:  Okay, so what you’ve done is you’ve taken everything that we all talk about, but it changes day to day, and it’s hard to remember things because everybody lives in the moment.  What you’ve done is — I don’t know — made a historical chronology of all of this, the left and their attempts, so that people have in one place the evidence, the documentation, things to jog their memory about everything the left has done, not just whatever the most recent outrage is.  It’s kind of a resource manual written as a novel.

DAVID:  I couldn’t have stated it better, which is why you have the show and I’m writing the book.  But it changes every day, as you say. It changes every day, and it’s frustrating to watch.  I got this book up to date, but the left increasingly gets out of control every day. So theoretically, I could supplement my book every day with an addendum.

RUSH:  Well, I run into the same thing doing this radio show.  I get it prepared, it’s ready to go at 11:45, and then all hell breaks loose — and everything I’ve got ready to go, I gotta broom it and adapt to whatever just happened.  It is.  It’s frustrating as hell.  It’s what leads everybody to think that we’re on defense constantly because the left is never satisfied, David, with whatever they get.  Whatever they win, whatever victories they have, they’re never satisfied.  They always want more. And I wish our side would realize there’s nothing we can give them to quiet them down or to satisfy them or to make them go away.

DAVID:  An example of that is in their attitude toward race.  They exploit race — and gender and all these other things, class warfare — because they don’t have any substantive agenda.  They’ve manifestly failed in the last three or more decades in policy.  So all they can do now is demonize conservatives.  But just look at their approach on race, for example.  They now say that… They reject Martin Luther King’s entire philosophy on race, that one should be judged by the content of his character and his conduct rather than the color of his skin.  He wanted to promote — he did promote — racial colorblindness.

Now the left says, you have to — and Don Lemon said it on CNN. “I’m offended if you don’t see my race.  You have to see my race.”  They’re promoting segregation now on college campuses, and they are saying, “Don’t judge conservatives on the basis of the content of their character or their conduct.  Judge them on the basis of their conservatism and they are systemically racist,” and they do it on gender.  “We’re a patriarchy.” The women can make just as much as men. All the laws are equalized. There’s equal rights among the genders. It doesn’t matter now because there’s a “systemic patriarchy,” and that enables the left to always have an issue. It doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t do enough, because you’re always deemed to be a racist — and it’s working.

RUSH:  In fact, they don’t want solutions.


RUSH:  They want ongoing issues that never… In fact, climate change is a perfect example.  That’s never gonna be solved.  Their predictions for it are 50 years in advance.  There’s no way there will ever be a verdict on it, so they get to use it forever, ad infinitum.

DAVID:  And as you say, they want a perpetual dependency class, which is one of the many reasons they want open borders. They want more Democrats voting for them, and they’ll ensure that by continuing to demonize conservatives and border hawks, people who respect our national sovereignty, and they’ll demonize us as racists — which is so outrageous, it makes me mad to even talk about it.  But it’s working in the polls, Rush, as you know.  Some 60% of Democrats believe that conservatives are racists.  It’s just unbelievable.

RUSH:  Look, there are a lot of books out there right now.  I was just talking about it in the first hour.  You’ve got Andy McCarthy’s Ball of Collusion. Lee Smith’s new book is out, and Kim Strassel’s.  Now, these three are all focused on the coup, the silent coup, the Trump-Russia collusion thing — and it’s great.  I think it’s great to have that many books.  They don’t… They overlap on some things but all three of those books are unique in their approach, and I’m hoping for a snowball effect with that many things.  But nevertheless, it’s a crowded book market out there, and there are a lot of books that are documenting various elements of the insanity of the left.  So what’s different about yours?  You knew when you published this book, they gave you a time. I know how publishing works.

DAVID: (chuckling)

RUSH: You knew it was gonna come out now, one year before the election. You knew it was gonna be in a crowded market.  So how did you differentiate yours?  Why buy your book instead of some book by Anastas Mikoyan making the same claims?

DAVID:  Unlike some people, I’m magnanimous. and I want those other conservative books — including Gregg Jarrett’s — to succeed. Kim Strassel. All of them. Andy McCarthy. All those books.  I’m not competing against them.  I just want to sell as many books as I can because I want to inform people on a whole range of issues.  I think the reason — the way — mine is different is because — and this isn’t better or worse.  It’s just a different approach.

Mine is a comprehensive approach as to all the issues, as I mentioned: Race, gender, socialism, abortion, immigration, Trump Derangement Syndrome, leftist authoritarianism, how they can’t stand America’s founding. I document. They can’t… They were born in hell because of slavery and Native Americans and all the rest of it. I go into background on the history and all the philosophical underpinnings of all these issues, and I promise you… You know, I was thinking about this the other day.  I remember how great your books were:  See, I Told You So and The Way Things Ought to Be.

I was thinking about my book — and this was unintentional.  Your books back then were a compendium of all these issues that were going on at the time.  And that’s kind of what this is, unintentionally.  Here I am on your coattails again.  But I don’t mind.  Think about the broad range of issues — and I just want to stress: A comprehensive approach to the number of issues, also an in-depth look at each one of these issues to give our side ammo.  I don’t go that much into the Trump hoax because all these other books do such a great job of it — I mean the Russia hoax.

RUSH:  No.  You’re trying to educate people who are either uninformed, malinformed, or maybe don’t even care.  You want to reach people to try to get people to understand what the ideology of liberalism is, and you do that by showing how it applies itself in everyday life and what it has screwed up.

DAVID:  You know, that’s so true, and I don’t mean to —

RUSH: Well, I read the book.  That’s how come I know what’s in it.

DAVID:  Excellent!  And one thing I’m particularly proud of in this book is the treatment of capitalism and socialism.  I really did a lot of research, and we all know this. Our dad raised us as capitalists and respecters of the Constitution and the free market, and he taught us about the evils of communism.  And he was an expert on Marxism.  And as I talk about in the book, he came to my seventh-grade class at Schultz School and lectured on Marxism and “surplus value,” and people are gonna think I’m making this up.

This is seventh grade. He lectured on “surplus value” and “the labor theory of value,” and it was awesome, and I’ll bet some of the kids even understood it.  And so this book is an effort to really go into socialism and capitalism from both a moral and practical perspective.  Everybody always says, “Socialism is good in theory.”  I reject that.  I rejected it when I first heard it in grade school or seventh grade or eighth grade, whatever it was.  It’s not good in theory because it’s godless and it promotes equality among everybody and suppresses our liberties.

RUSH:  You just mentioned something that’s key, and that is the way we were raised.  We were raised with a fearless truth about the dangers we face.  Remember him telling us, “You boys are gonna end up slaves if the communists win”?  You remember that phrase?  He used it a lot.

DAVID: Yeah.

RUSH: But there’s something else that he did, and this is something, I don’t know how often this happens in American families today.  I really don’t.  I always thought our growing up was normal.  Midwest. Cape Girardeau, Missouri, a town of 20, 25,000 people.  It wasn’t until I left that I found out, “No, it’s not normal. It’s normal for the Midwest, but…” Remember that speech he wrote, the Signers —

DAVID:  Oh, yeah.

RUSH:  — of the Declaration of Independence?

DAVID:  Yes.

RUSH:  Well, I think one of the problems that you face and I face — we all face — in trying to educate people is there is simply not today an adequate education about the absolute genius, brilliance, uniqueness, greatness, blessed nature of the United States and how it came to be.  You understand the 56 people that signed the Declaration of Independence and what they went through. When it says they pledged their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, they really did.  Their kids were taken prisoner.  Their kids were tortured.  Their kids were murdered in an effort to get them to renounce.

They did not.

This is not taught today.  Therefore, the appreciation for America as founded is an obstacle that we also have to overcome in getting people to understand the basics of what Americanism is, what American freedom is versus socialism and capitalism and so forth.  You and I had a leg up.  We were very advantaged in the fact that we had a father that cared enough about this that raised us this way.  But I don’t know how many people do.  So books like yours can almost replace that aspect of growing up that people were not taught.  I think it’s that crucial. I think it’s that valuable, if you can get it out there, which is what we’re trying to do here today.  It’s really well done.

DAVID:  I appreciate that, and the essence of what you’re talking about is liberty.  The difference between the left and the right is the left doesn’t have any respect for liberty.  It is ultimately Stalinist, totalitarian, authoritarian. And conservatives —

RUSH:  Okay, but now, wait. Let me stop you. Why?  We can say this day in and day out, but Fred Slobodnik in Keokuk is gonna listen to you and say, “They don’t believe in liberty?” and they won’t believe it. “Nobody is opposed to liberty.”  Tell us what you mean by that. Give me an example of how people are opposed to liberty.

DAVID: I do believe… They write they believe that their rights come from government, and therefore we’re only allowed to have those liberties and rights that the government dispenses to us and we ought to be grateful.  We believe that our rights come from God, and therefore are unalienable.  An example of them: They want to suppress our speech.  They do it on college campuses. Whether it’s the government or the private sector, they’re actually suppressing speech now, as you know, in the private sector.  They don’t even need the government, so the First Amendment doesn’t even come into play there.  But they will suppress our Christian liberties with their radical promotion of the transgender agenda and the homosexual agenda.  They want to suppress our liberty. Look at how they are on abortion.  Right up to the time of birth.  If that doesn’t take away life —

RUSH:  No, no, no, no, no.  After birth, now. Ralph Northam, Virginia.

DAVID After birth.

RUSH: After birth — and the doctor could even be wearing blackface doing the abortion and get away with it.

DAVID:  That’s right.  They assault the Constitution from a number of perspectives, through their judicial activism where they just create laws, legislate laws from the judiciary. The administrative state, which is a broad state… By the way, we talk about the deep state being all the politicians on both sides of the aisle, often. But there’s an unwritten, unconsidered deep state in the broad administrative bureaucracy, and in this administrative state you have the legislative, executive, and judicial roles combined into one branch that’s unaccountable.

And they’re staffed with a bunch of leftist bureaucrats who are resisting Trump and thus resisting the will of the people and Trump’s agenda to get things done.  They also will issue lawless executive orders like Obama did. They will have judges who will issue injunctions that are now applied nationally.  It’s unbelievable the kind of things they’re doing, and this is the outrage.  They claim that Trump is a tyrant and such a brute beast and usurping authority.  If you look at what he’s actually done, he has not violated the Constitution.  He has respected the Constitution.  He just says things they don’t like.  He’s standing up against them. But he’s not an authoritarian.  They are, by definition and by nature, authoritarians.

RUSH:  And, by the way, let’s… I gotta go to a break, but do you mind if I tell people what your initial impressions of Trump were?  You were not a fan at first.

DAVID:  No, that’s fine.

RUSH:  He was not a fan.  We didn’t argue about it, but you had your problems with Trump.

DAVID:  Yep.

RUSH:  And you now don’t.

DAVID:  That’s true.

RUSH:  You’re all-in.

DAVID:  I’m a big man for Trump now.

RUSH:  All right.  David Limbaugh, my brother, is with us.  His new book is out, Guilty by Reason of Insanity.


RUSH:  And we’re back with my brother, David, noted author, noted columnist, noted attorney, and noted agent.

DAVID: (chuckles)

RUSH: He has a new book:  Guilty by Reason of Insanity.  Okay, I’ve got about 3-1/2 minutes here, to give you an idea how much time I’ve got.  Two things I want to ask you.  First, could you explain to people what “intersectionality” is as the left uses it and attempts to rearrange society based on it?

DAVID:  Yeah, really quickly.  People can… According to the intersectionality theory, people can have multiple oppressions: Race, gender, sex orientation.

RUSH:  Oh, multiple oppressions!

DAVID:  Yes.  It’s all about white privilege and so forth.

RUSH:  Did you ever think we were oppressed growing up?  Was it part of your existence?


RUSH:  No! Of course not.

DAVID:  Of course, we’re “white privileged.”  But, see, here’s the thing.  They think that, for example, a woman cannot go out and parade her gender anymore alone without acknowledging… A white woman can’t, without acknowledging that she’s not black and therefore she’s privileged.  See, you have to see this intersection of oppressions, and there’s a hierarchy of privilege and oppression so that, for example, the black female is the most impressed and therefore entitled to more rights now or more protection, and then you go on up the ladder and the most demonized —

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  What about the gay, black female? Isn’t that…?

DAVID:  Well, yeah, if you’re talking about a trans black —

RUSH:  Yeah, trans, gay, black female is the epitome of being oppressed in America, right?

DAVID:  That would be it, absolutely.  So that’s intersectionality, and it’s resulted in a lot of contradictions.

RUSH:  It’s a way to take people’s identity away from them is essentially what it is and recast it into something else?

DAVID:  It makes us invisible as human beings.  We’re all groups, we’re not individuals, and that’s another way they take our freedom away.

RUSH:  Okay.  Now, the 2020 election. What’s at stake, and what do you really think based on everything we know today is going to happen?

DAVID:  Well, also I want to talk about what’s at stake is whether our kids, grandkids, nephews and the rest enjoy liberty and are going to enjoy the same kind of America that we did.  Socialism, which the Democrats are out front now advocating — all of them are advocating. Some of them deny it; most of them admit it.  Socialism ultimately leads to impoverishment and enslavement, ultimate tyranny. Because political and economic liberty are intertwined.  If you suppress political liberty, you suppress economic liberty, and vice-versa.

We are going to end up, our kids — as my dad said, as our dad said — are going to end up in virtual slavery if we don’t put a stop to this.  And that’s why we’ve gotta support Trump and the other people who are standing up for liberty.  So you talk about all these crazy cultural ideas that the left is promoting and cramming down our throats.  Look at their idea on gender.  They went from feminism, to radical homosexual rights, and now transgender rights.

So now the left is saying there is no difference between a man and a woman, that your “biological assignment at birth,” whether you’re a man or a woman, is irrelevant. What matters is how you “identify,” and some people are so outraged by biologically designation that they won’t even go to gender coming out parties. So somebody says, “I’m gonna celebrate the birth of my son.” “No, you can’t do that, because you don’t know if he wants to identify as a female!”  These kinds of things are crazy.  So the —

RUSH:  That’s a great… I’m out of time. I’ve got five seconds.  But you can with the book.  Watch 6.1’s out today.  Make sure you upgrade. Mac update as well.  My brother, David.  Back in a moment.


RUSH: Here’s the name of the book again: “Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why The Democrats Must Not Win.” And it’s a big book. I’m holding it here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. If you count the notes section — and it’s extensively notated — meaning there’s evidence for the claims made, and there’s an index, I mean, you’re getting close to 450 pages in this baby.

There are three chapters on socialism and capitalism. And I think this is a coming subject, a developing subject or topic, as evidenced by the stories I’ve seen today of the increasing numbers of Millennials — it’s shocking, some of these polls, 70% of Millennials are favorable to socialism. Thirty-three percent say they love and support communism.

Now, as I said in the first hour, you can go back to the sixties when I was growing up, when I was a teenager, and we had an element of the Baby Boom generation that was pro-communist and pro-socialist. And many of them got elected later on. They were in the Clinton administration, and some of them are still there.

So my point, throughout American history, there has always been an element of the student or youthful population that’s been enamored of socialism and communism. Some of it’s economics. Some of it is empathetic. Some of it’s emotional. But today it’s different. For example, the sixties, when I was young and growing up, it was not promoted. You were a genuine oddball and you were considered — well, not a threat, but there was nothing romantic about it except among those who believed it. It was just beginning to be taught in the universities as an advocacy.

Now, I never was taught it as an advocate. I never had a socialist professor, communist professor. I knew people my age who did, but now they’re everywhere. And now people are taking it a little bit more seriously, especially when you look at all of the other elements that young people are bombarded with, the unfairness of capitalism, the differences in human beings and how that’s inherently unfair and unjust.

And it’s traced now all the way back to the founding of the country is being taught as the reason for this unfairness and the reason for this injustice. And there’s a concerted, ongoing effort to overthrow the founding of this country internally. Not because of terrorists and not because of bombs that might land in America, but because and due to the internal advocacy of the overthrow of the founding of the country.

So it’s, I think, an increasing threat. And the fact that there’s an emotional component to it makes it harder and harder to repel it. I mean, you can argue facts, you can argue economics with people, and if you have enough time with them you can expose the absolute unfairness and misery and injustice of communism and socialism.

But when these young people get emotionally attached to it, well, you know how tough that is to dislodge anybody from their emotional attachments. And the idea that America is unfair and the unfairness is rooted in competition, it’s rooted in some people have built in advantages and other people don’t, we have to equalize them. And then David was talking about all the new ways that free people, the freest people in the world, now end up thinking they are oppressed!

Oppression is what happens if you live in China. It’s what happened if you live in Russia or the old Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cuba, that’s oppression. If you lived in the old Vietnam. In fact, the truth of the matter is when we talk about American exceptionalism, the real exception that America is, is not better people, smarter people. It’s the fact that we are the exception to life.

The vast majority of human beings who have lived since beginning of time, whatever it was, the vast majority of human beings that have walked the earth have lived in some kind of oppression that most of them, 90% have lived through economic misery, poverty, really low standard of living, really poor quality of life. That was the rule. That was the rule for most people wherever because tyranny and dictatorship and tyrants have been the order of the day. The acquisition of power and its use.

The United States came along and was the first nation in the history of nations to found itself on the premise that the individual citizen was where power in the country resided and that everybody that worked in government was elected and thus accountable and answerable to the citizens. That was the exception. And it was a vast exception. It was a dramatic exception, e-x-c-e-p, massive exception to the way most people live.

That’s what American exceptionalism is. It’s other things too. And it’s under assault. And there’s been an ongoing effort on campuses and in movies to try to convince as many young people that they are oppressed, that there isn’t any of this liberty and freedom that everybody waxes about and promotes and is grateful for. No. It’s a joke. Everybody’s oppressed. Today the oppressors are white men, for the most part, conservative white men, evangelical Christians. They are the new white racists, the white supremacists, the white privileged.

This is what young people are being taught. And it’s like the shotgun approach. Most people are not rich. Most people are not wealthy. So attempting to assemble an army of activists is much easier if you’re aiming to create middle class, lower middle class activists than if you want to create a bunch of activists among the rich. The rich are outnumbered, I mean dwarfed just in sheer numbers.

So in this book that David has written here, Guilty by Reason of Insanity, there are three chapters on socialism and capitalism because he thinks it’s that important. There are also three chapters that chronicle the left’s intolerance and authoritarianism. And there is a logical connection between intolerance and authoritarianism.

So this is a tremendous book for those of you who have instinctively understood your own political beliefs, conservatism, but life moves long so fast, you remember the most recent example of a leftist or liberal outrage, but the most recent examples dwarf your memory of things that happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year. This book recounts ’em all. So it takes the place of your memory. You don’t have to remember all these outrages.

It’s written to inform people. It’s also written to arm them if you have any desire to argue, to try to inform others. If you want to try to straighten out your kids who may have been corrupted by a leftist curriculum at their school, this is the book for you, Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win, by my brother, David Limbaugh.

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