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RUSH: Patricia Murphy is a card-carrying member of the Drive By-Media. In a Roll Call opinion piece this week, she weighed in on the Democrat Party’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Ms. Murphy says in “polite company,” it is understood that the idea of putting the country through a presidential impeachment is somber and heartbreaking. She reminds us that Nancy Pelosi says impeachment is a time to be “prayerful.”

But instead of being heartbroken or prayerful, Ms. Murphy is really mad. She can’t stand the fact that President Trump’s campaign is using impeachment as a “once-in-a-generation money bomb.” The campaign is fundraising, my friends. (Gasp!)

Now, Ms. Murphy claims no campaign in history has financially benefited more from impeachment than President Trump’s. Impeachment is a cash “fire hose,” she says. On the day Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry, Trump’s fundraising jumped dramatically, from $60,000 a day to over $350,000. The next day brought in the campaign’s best total yet, at more than $400,000.

Ms. Murphy says that’s why the Trump campaign and others should stop all fundraising until this whole impeachment process is over. Trump should just stop raising money. He should disarm the money bomb, while Democrats trash him and try to take him out.

Ms. Murphy, I have just one question, dear. Uh, sorry, ma’am. Is this a joke, or have you gone literally, totally insane like all the rest of you?

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