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RUSH: No, no, no. I know the whistleblower’s name. At least I’ve been told who people think it is. Apparently, folks, everybody in Washington knows the whistleblower’s name. They’re just trying to figure out a way to get it in the public. Kind of like everybody knew about the Steele dossier but nobody knew how to get it into the public, so they ran a scam on Trump to tell him about the golden showers story and, voila, that bogus dossier makes it in the news.

Well, now the Democrats are trying to keep the name of the whistleblower out of the news, but apparently everybody knows who it is. No, no, no, no. I’m not gonna go there. That’s not the point. Doesn’t matter who the whistleblower is! All that matters is why all of this is happening. And once again I’m gonna explain it to you. It’s what we do here. We make the complex understandable.

Let me just tell you something else, which I’m going to add to and develop later. This whole Ukraine business, this impeachment business, the whistleblowers, the transcript and all these other people coming out and trying to impeach Trump over this, let me tell you what this really is.

What this really is is all of the deep staters — and, by the way, you ought to see, when that term is used on TV, when you got a conservative commentator describing deep state actors or activity, I guess a memo’s gone out for proper facial expressions for leftists and Democrats to make when the term “deep state” is used, ’cause they roll their eyes and they start fake laughing like, “Oh, my God. We just heard some more insanity, the deep state.”

I saw it three times today on Fox. One of them was a reaction to a sound bite from Michael McCaul, who’s a member of Congress from Texas. And the reaction to what he was saying, “This is deep state stuff.” And the Democrat on the panel rolled his eyes, “Oh, my God. There they go again, deep state.”

But it’s exactly right. Deep state, establishment, whatever you want to call it. What really is happening in this Ukraine business, it’s all about the Barr investigation. It’s all about the Durham investigation. The beginning of this was not just about investigating the Bidens. Oh. And wait ’til you hear Brit Hume. Brit Hume has finally learned how Trump speaks. After, what, three years, he’s finally figured out how Trump speaks, and was telling everybody how to interpret Trump on Fox News. We have the audio sound bite coming up. We have a lot coming up.

Ukraine. Remember in January of 2017 before Trump was inaugurated, it was learned that Ukraine had been meddling in the election of 2016 in an attempt to harm Trump. They were helping Hillary. Trump has been asking the president of Ukraine to get to the bottom of that! That’s why he mentioned CrowdStrike in the phone call with the Ukrainian president.

So this whistleblower stuff and Trump doing something so horrible in that phone call that nobody can stand still, nobody can remain quiet, we must do our patriotic duty and step forward and say that Trump is a pig, all of this is to try to thwart the Barr investigation and avert attention from what really happened in Ukraine in terms of election meddling. That is what is actually going on.

All of the anti-Trump people, all of the Never Trumpers in the deep state and everybody else in the media are doing everything they can to hide or explain all of their efforts that they engaged in to harm Trump during the campaign, they’re try to keep it secret. They’re trying to make sure that it doesn’t come out, and if it does come out, they’re trying to discredit it. That’s what this is. And they’re taking it so far as to take it to impeachment.

There’s always so much more than what meets the eye, and there’s always a simple, logical explanation to stuff that on the surface seems odd. Impeaching the president over a phone call for which we have a transcript. The Democrats want to pay more attention to whistleblowers than they do the transcript. The whistleblower wasn’t on the call except now we have the second — not whistleblower, but this Vindman guy. And of course any criticism of Vindman is not to be permitted. Why?

“He’s a decorated West Point graduate, Mr. Limbaugh. He wears the uniform of the United States Army. He’s been working in the White House for decades. You can’t criticize people like that.” Oh. But it’s okay to destroy Michael Flynn? He wore the uniform of the U.S. military. He worked for the defense intelligence. We can destroy Michael Flynn, we can destroy any number of people who wore the uniform, but somehow Vindman is untouchable?

Guess what Vindman is saying? ‘Cause everybody knows the transcript cancels the whistleblower. So now Vindman says, “Well, I was on that call, and that transcript has been edited. There were things that Trump said that’s not in that transcript.” Oh, really? So now we’ve got someone who is claiming that the transcript was edited and was incomplete. You see how they cover all of their bases? Trump blows up the scheme by releasing the transcript, obviating the need and relevance of the whistleblower.

Vindman may be the guy — we don’t know — Vindman may be the guy that told the whistleblower. So Vindman would actually be silent whistleblower number 1. The whistleblower we all know about would be whistleblower number 2. He’s the guy that called Schiff. And they were all working with Schiff. And Schiff doesn’t want that to come out. Wait ’til you hear the rules, wait ’til you hear the rules in this impeachment resolution that the Democrats have come up with. Wait ’til you hear these. I’ve got them ready to explain to you in an easily understandable way, as well as all of this that I have touched on now.

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