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Oct 30, 2019


FOXNews: GOP Reps Say Schiff Stopped Impeachment Witness from Answering Certain GOP Questions
Breitbart: Rep. Jordan: Schiff Directed Vindman Not to Answer Certain Questions from Republicans
CBS Los Angeles: Massive Brush Fire Erupts Near Reagan Library In Simi Valley, Thousands Ordered To Evacuate
Wall Street Journal: Revolutionary California. Can 40 Million Suffer Third-World Electric Reliability Without a Political Upheaval? – Holman W. Jenkins
The Blaze: Right After Announcing Formal Impeachment Vote, Nancy Pelosi Admits ‘It’s Not an Impeachment Resolution
Variety: Mayor Eric Garcetti: Getty Fire Sparked by ‘an Act of God’
Daily Wire: Obama: ‘Get Over’ Being ‘Woke,’ Stop Online Outrage Cancel Culture
The Hill: Michelle Obama: ‘I Can’t Make People Not Afraid of Black People’
Daily Caller: Tesla Warns Californian Customers To Keep A Full Charge Ahead Of Roving Blackouts
Washington Examiner: Republicans Blocked In What Democrats Charge Is Effort To Uncover Whistleblower
Townhall: New Poll With Better, Nuanced Questions: Voters Remain Highly Skeptical of Impeachment
National Review: Vindman Testimony Alleges White House Left Key Details out of Trump-Zelensky Call Transcript
New York Times: White House Ukraine Expert Sought to Correct Transcript of Trump Call
Washington Examiner: New poll poses serious questions about Democrats’ impeachment drive
Breitbart: Poll: 7-in-10 Voters Believe in ‘America First’ Agenda Ahead of 2020 Election
Washington Examiner: Will the Democrats miss Middle America Again? – Salena Zito
Mediaite: Tom Friedman Shreds GOP as ‘Political Cowards’ for Attacking Career Officials to Defend Trump: ‘So Despicable’
Washington Examiner: McConnell: House Impeachment Plan Doesn’t Give Trump Due Process


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