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RUSH: So get this. Apparently people are having trouble finding copies of Lee Smith’s book, The Plot Against the President. So he has tweeted, “Thanks for your support. Amazon’s restocking. Books will be available very soon, not one to two months.” Apparently the word’s being spread that the book is not doing well, and they can’t stock it, it will be available in one or two months. There is a whole campaign against it, Smith says, but there are books at Barnes & Noble.

You can also get it at Apple iBooks. They haven’t gotten around to banning it yet. I don’t know that they will, but I just checked to see if I could get it there, and I could. So it’s obtainable. Now, that’s the e-book version. As a powerful, influential member of the media I’ve had my hardcover version for some weeks. But the e-book, you could find it out there if you want to read on your phone, your iPad or whatever. So just to let you know.

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