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RUSH: Let’s grab sound bites 12, 13, and 14. CNN did it again. They sent a reporter. They got a visa, they got a reporter to get a visa and they sent this reporter to Pittsburgh, the country of Pittsburgh.

They wanted to find out what the natives thought about what’s going on in Washington, D.C. They sent National Correspondent Miguel Marquez to go talk to voters outside Pittsburgh and take their temperature on the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump. And here is the first sound bite.

MARQUEZ: What do you think of impeachment?

JAMES DILLIE: It’s bull.

MARQUEZ: (voiceover) James Dillie, a coal miner and his stepson Roc Dabney are huge supporters of the president, proudly displaying Trump flags like this one. They see impeachment as Democrats trying to reverse the outcome of 2016.

JAMES DILLIE: I think they’re just head hunting. They’re mad they lost and just trying to get him out.

ROC DABNEY: The Democrats, they’re just like grabbing for straws really.

MARQUEZ: (transition to William and Jacquelyn Krachala) You voted for Donald trump, you voted for Hillary Clinton. Has anything changed?


WILLIAM KRACHALA: I think he’s a crook.

MARQUEZ: Jacquelyn couldn’t be clearer on impeachment.

JACQUELYN KRACHALA: Well, that’s ridiculous.

MARQUEZ: (voiceover) Bill, a lifelong Republican is as opposed as ever to Donald Trump. But impeachment?

WILLIAM KRACHALA: I don’t know whether impeachment would solve anything or not, it just would create a lot of upheaval. But I’m hoping to hell that he gets elected out of office.

RUSH: All right. Now, you look at this in one way, CNN if they could, would have nothing but, “Yeah, impeach him, get rid of him yesterday, get rid of him tomorrow, I can’t stand the guy!” Their ideal would be to be able to go find a bunch of Trump voters who’ve had it, don’t like the guy, think CNN is the gospel, yes, get rid of him. They couldn’t find any. How do we know they couldn’t find any? ‘Cause they didn’t put them in these sound bites, didn’t put them in these reports. Here’s the next sound bite of Miguel Marquez reporting about what voters outside of Pittsburgh think of impeachment.

MARQUEZ: Cody Spence, a registered Democrat in 2016, was struggling to pay for healthcare. Today his financial situation has improved. He credits Donald Trump.

SPENCE: I don’t think at this point that there is a reason to impeach him. You get some hard evidence that the people of the country can see, that’s a different story.

MARQUEZ: (voiceover) Some moderates question the wisdom of an impeachment fight now.

SUSAN LUISI: Well, we’ve already gone pretty far into this presidency. So do we really want to spend the last time of it impeaching someone who may or may not be elected again?

RUSH: Yeah, that’s gonna be a recurring theme. Let the American people decide. What’s wrong with that? These people are not gonna trust that. That’s what happened in 2016. The American people decided the wrong way. That’s what they’re trying to fix! That’s what they’re trying to reverse! That’s what they’re trying to throw out!

In the meantime, nothing is being done on things that actually matter to people. And remember, more and more Americans, whether this is good or bad, irrelevant for this discussion, more and more Americans think government’s role is to make life easier for ’em. Government’s role is to fix the cost of health care and the availability. Government’s role is to lower the price of prescription drugs. Government’s role is made up of things like this. And none of that is happening while the Democrats are solely focused on this.

So you ask another question, or at least I do. The Democrats are not connecting, at least with the people that CNN dredged up in the foreign country of Pittsburgh. They’re not connecting. Even the people that hate Trump. So what are the Democrats doing? In other words, who is the audience for what the Democrats are doing?

Do you think these people know about the whistleblower? Do you think they’ve heard his name? Do you think they know the whistleblower’s a Pajama Boy from Harvard? Do you think they know that the whistleblower came from John Brennan and the CIA as an Obama holdover? Do you think they know this? No! Nobody’s reported that until today. They don’t know diddly-squat about it.

Yet the media has sung the praises of the whistleblower, “Oh, we must listen! Oh, we must preserve his identity.  Oh, this man is a godsend.  Oh, this man is exactly why we have people in government doing the Lord’s work,” blah, blah, blah.  Who is the media’s audience for this?  It’s not… Contrary to what people might think, it’s actually not the American people.  They are not attempting to literally inform the American people.  They’re trying to hoodwink them!

They’re using the grandiose nature of “process” to try to sway people. (dramatic voice) “This is big!  Donald Trump is bad.  Donald Trump is dangerous.  We’ve got people all over the government standing up privately, anonymously, saying, ‘Donald Trump is bad.'”  But they don’t dare put a name to whoever’s doing it.  They don’t dare try to persuade with the reputation of the guy.  They don’t dare tell the American people who this person is and where this person came from and with whom this person has worked for most of his time in Washington.

Oh, no! They don’t dare do any of that.

So who is their audience?  Their audience, folks… Let me tell you who they’re trying to bamboozle.  The Republicans.  As is always the case, they’re attempting to intimidate and frighten and dispirit the Republicans in Washington.  That’s where this ammunition is being fired.  And when they start to see Republicans in Washington say, “You know, the Republicans better get ready here.  They better have a plan down the road where if this and this and that happens, they gotta be prepared to abandon Trump.”

That’s what they’re trying to do here, folks, and that’s what happens when you make the mistake of accepting their premise instead of not accepting the premise and throwing the charge right back at them that they are the ones who are illegitimate, that they are the ones thwarting the will of the American people, not Donald Trump, that they are the ones not doing the work they were elected to do.  They are not representing the American people.  They are not in the slightest bit interested in the American people, in truth.

They want people to believe they’re doing this “for the American people for the sake of the Constitution, for the sake of the country.”  They’re doing everything for the sake of themselves! They’re spending taxpayer dollars on themselves, because they can’t believe the guy beat them.  They can’t believe they still haven’t been able to get rid of him.  They are doing as much of this behind closed doors as they can, because they don’t actually have faith and confidence that the case they’re making would persuade the American people.

Thus, they have to create this gigantic, grandiose illusion that all of Washington is alarmed. (dramatic voice) “All of Washington is at a feverish pitch! The country is in a very precarious position with Donald Trump in the White House. Drastic action — immediate drastic action — is necessary!”  This is what they’re attempting to create, and their audience — the Democrat audience and the media audience — is the Republicans.  Now, don’t misunderstand.  Of course they know they’re gonna need public opinion, ultimately.

But, my friends, I don’t think they care ultimately.  They’re gonna go through with this regardless where public opinion is because they’re now committed to it.  The fact of the matter is the people in our government who do not care about public opinion are precisely the Democrat Party and the American left. They are the people who govern against the will of the American people.  You didn’t want Obamacare and you didn’t want to lose your doctor. You didn’t want to lose your coverage and you didn’t want to pay a bigger premium.

But all of those happened even after you were lied to about ’em.  These are the people governing against the will of the people.  This is my message, anyway.  These are the people thwarting the will of the people.  These are the people not interested at all in the will of the American people.  They are arrogant, condescending superiorists who, in truth, don’t think you or anybody else in America has the slightest sense to run your own life and to make your own political decisions

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