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RUSH: When the primary season started, Democrats practically broke their arms patting themselves on the back. ‘Cause not everybody can do that. I can, but many can’t. They tried. Drive-By-Media buddies celebrated the Democrats for having the most diverse presidential field ever: two black senators, a Latino former cabinet secretary, an Asian-American businessman, and the first American Samoan elected to Congress.

But now there’s no more joy. The New York Times is bemoaning a horrible development: the Democrats’ top-tier candidates are all white.

Plugs Biden, Crazy Bernie, Pocahontas Warren, and Mayor Pete are at the top of the heap – while “candidates of color are languishing in the low single digits in the polls,” says the Times. And they are having trouble raising money. Only one of these “candidates of color” might make it to the Democrats’ December debate, and that’s the flailing Kamala Harris.

How did this sad state of affairs happen? One reason the Times gives is that Plugs Biden earned a lot of black support due to his association with “the One.” The Times also notes that the diverse candidates “aren’t Obama.” In other words, maybe they just aren’t that good, compared to Obama.

But maybe the real answer is something the Times doesn’t dare print. Maybe Obama was a one-off. A historical fluke. Now that he’s over, Democrats have returned to their natural state: a party ruled by white supremacy and institutional racism. Don’t doubt me.

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