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RUSH: I’m gonna get this in before time goes by. The jobs numbers are in and through the roof again, folks: 158,000 new jobs. But it’s even better than that. They adjusted for revisions and the General Motors strike to 303,000. This is way beyond expectations. The CNBC crew couldn’t believe it. They’re talking about, “My God! My God! We were wrong about everything! Everything’s through the roof.” Everybody thought the GM strike was gonna kill the jobs performance this past month.

There were big revisions of past numbers as well. The initial 168,000 jobs in August were revised up to 219,000. September’s were revised up 136,000 to 180,000. The black unemployment rate hit another historic low at 5.4%. It’s 5.4%. That is the lowest black unemployment rate since they have been keeping records — and getting rid of President Trump amidst all of this… The polling data, by the way, finds it isn’t working. Favor of impeachment has not grown in the month that Schiff has been the poster boy for this.


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