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RUSH: I gotta squeeze a bunch of stuff in here to get to it, because it’s dynamic. It is dynamic. It’s the kind of stuff that I want you to know more than anything out there today about what is happening, how you’re being manipulated, how you’re being lied to, how the whole country is, and how dangerous this is. Here’s the piece de resistance. It may not even be working! If polling data is the judge, they ain’t gaining any ground! And it’s their own polls which are telling them this.

I’ve got audio sound bites of some of these panicked people on CNN like David “Rodham” Gergen. They’re now being very, very cautious — very, very reserved — about the fact that this might somehow backfire. (impression) “It could backfire ’cause President Trump’s a very dynamic candidate. Yeah, and this may not have anything to do with the reelection effort if they fail at getting him thrown out of office.”

So I don’t want anybody to think that Schiff and Pelosi and these guys are thinking they’re on top of the world and this is just a matter of time ’til they get rid of Trump, because the fact of the matter is everything they have tried to date has blown up on them. They are the coyote. Trump is the Road Runner, and they are Wile E. Coyote and they’re continuing to blow themselves up and fall off the cliff — and they’re going to on this one. As much as anything, do you know what’s gonna nail ’em?

Just what nailed the Soviet Union: These people are going to implode on the weight of their own immorality. They are going to implode on the weight of their own dishonesty, of their own disingenuousness. In other words, karma is gonna bite ’em big, and it’s gonna happen at the absolute worst time for them. It’s going to happen during the heat of the 2020 presidential race. Of this, I am deeply confident.


RUSH: So let’s turn to the polling data because the polling data does not look good for them.

Washington Post/ABC poll today. Forty-nine percent of Americans say the president should be impeached and removed. Forty-seven percent say he should not. You say, “Well, Rush, that’s not good.” Well, guess what? It’s no different than it was a month ago. It’s identical to the same poll a month ago. Which means that this past month of Pelosi and Schiff and never-ending, nonstop coverage of the lies of the Donald Trump phone call, quid pro quo, Ukraine, Bill Taylor, all of these lying witnesses and informants and whistleblowers haven’t moved the poll at all, not a point!

So let me tell you how to look at this. You’re Adam Schiff and you’re Pelosi, you’re CNN, ABC, the Washington Post. You have devoted a month to getting rid of Donald Trump. You have devoted a month to one lie after another about how he demanded a quid pro quo, about how he demanded that Ukraine find dirt on Joe Biden and his kid.

You’ve had unfettered access to the Drive-By Media for an entire month, and the poll hasn’t moved. Public opinion has not moved. Forty-nine percent is not enough to force Republicans to abandon Trump. Forty-nine percent is not enough to have a president removed from office.

Now, if you dig deeper in this poll (this is the Washington Post/ABC poll), 82% of Democrats support removing Trump; 13% are opposed. Republicans: 82% opposed; 18% in favor. Independents: 47% favor; 49% oppose. That’s not good for Democrats. They can’t get the independents on their side on this after a solid month. Hell, after a solid month? After three years now of “Donald Trump scum!” — a solid three years — and they can’t get to 50% in any poll that says get rid of the guy.

Now, four weeks ago these numbers were identical. There’s no trend in their favor, in this poll. Independents, in fact, have flipped. A month ago, it was 49-47 in favor of impeachment and removal among independents. Now it’s flipped. Now it’s 47% in favor and 49% opposed. What does this mean? I’ll tell you what it means. It does not translate to success for the Democrats because up to now, the Republicans haven’t even had a voice. The president hasn’t had a voice except for Twitter.

The Republicans haven’t been able to cross-examine.

Nobody has seen any of this testimony.

It’s all the result of Adam Schiff leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post and CNN. When the Republicans and the president (if the day ever comes) get their shot at this, these numbers are gonna change dramatically — and here’s another poll. “More Americans…” Here’s the headline: “Associated Press/NORC Poll: Solid Support for Trump Impeachment Probe — More Americans approve of the impeachment investigation than disapprove of it, but only a third say it should be the top priority for Congress.”

Meaning it ain’t a big deal. Most people think that this is not the thing Congress ought to be doing. It’s like I said yesterday, it wasn’t that long ago that when your state was on fire, your congressional delegation would be there. Your congressional delegation would flee Washington, would get back to the state that’s on fire and make sure that they are seen on TV standing near the flames and promising whatever it takes to put ’em out.

Where was the California delegation yesterday when the state’s on fire? In Washington trying to nail Donald Trump. So I called ’em out on this, and Pelosi has been forced to respond to it. We have the audio sound bite. She’s not responding to me per se, but I don’t know anybody else who was making the point yesterday. There may have been somebody. But, anyway, the point was driven home that while California was burning, the California delegation was spreading lies about Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., and didn’t appear to care one bit about the flames scorching the state of California!

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