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RUSH: So we’ll start here in Atlanta. Rick, glad you waited, sir. You’re up first. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. When President Trump wins reelection, as the all-knowing seer of the future, what do you see as the Democratic and the corrupt news media strategy for his presidency for years five through eight? Where do they go next?

RUSH: I think it’s gonna continue.

CALLER: There’s no way they can continue this mad hysteria when it’s been proven wrong for —

RUSH: Why not? Why not? Everything up to now never happened. Do you realize nothing that they have alleged has happened? Not a single thing has happened. There was no Trump-Russia collusion. Russia didn’t meddle in the election to the point of affecting it.

Trump was not a traitor. Trump did not fire Comey because Putin told him to, as the whistleblower leaked to the New York Times. None of what Trump has been accused of has happened! So you think, “Well, it’s got stop at some point.” No, it doesn’t. They’re gonna keep doing this. They impeached Nixon in his second term. Don’t forget. Watergate’s their model.

CALLER: If the Republicans win the House back, do they finally get something done?

RUSH: Ha. If the Republicans get the House back will they — (laughing) I’m sitting here thinking, “They damn well better, or else.” But you know what? That’s a really good question that I’m gonna have to think about before giving you the answer you deserve. Hang on. I’ll do that.


RUSH: Our last caller’s question, “If Trump wins reelection, do the Democrats stop with this impeachment effort?” They may stop the impeachment effort. May not. Depends on whether they hold the House or not. It’s not that difficult to predict what the Democrats are gonna do. If Trump wins reelection, some people think, “Well, at that point, Rush, they’ll have to admit that they failed, and they’ll have to come up with something else.”

No, folks. No. They will not admit they failed. They will say they haven’t succeeded yet. Okay, Snerdley’s in there laughing. It is true, they’re not gonna give this up. I’m looking for another new way of describing what’s at stake for these people, in their minds. This is everything they’ve worked for. The Washington establishment, the select few compared to the entire population that really, in their minds, run the country. Trump’s pushing ’em out, edging ’em out. Trump’s showing they’re unnecessary, Trump is showing how inept and incompetent they have been.

Look at the magical turnaround in economic fortunes alone in just three years under Trump, versus eight years of Obama telling us this was not possible anymore, that America’s best economic days are behind us, that you need to look at the United States a different way now. We’re in a permanent era of decline, and it’s only right because we really didn’t deserve all that prosperity in our past. I mean, that’s what they wanted people to believe.

They wanted to lower your expectations so that you wouldn’t take it out on them when your life didn’t improve as you expect it to as an American. But it goes deeper than that. They are offended that Donald Trump is there. They’re offended that he won. They are offended that he dares to pull the levers of power instead of them.

All I can tell you is — I wish I could come up with an analogy that would relate to you in your life, something that you think you’re entitled to. Whether it’s justified or not. I’m talking about psychology here, something you think you’re entitled to and somebody that you think is scum, somebody that you think has no business, is not qualified to ever be in your home, not qualified to live in your neighborhood, not qualified to even live in your town comes in and takes over every aspect of your professional life.

That’s what’s happened to them. And he’s beating them. And he is succeeding in thwarting every attempt that they have made to get rid of him. What we are learning here, if you want to know the deep, dark secret, we are witnessing the utter and total incompetence of these people who tell us that they’re so much better than we are, so much smarter, so much more effective, so much more qualified.

They can’t even get rid of Donald Trump, and they are totally unified. They’ve got the CIA, they’ve got the FBI, they’ve got the NSC, we have the Democrat Party. They have the Drive-By Media. They have leftist governors. They’ve got Mexico. They’ve got illegal immigration. They have got every aspect of their existence arrayed against Donald Trump, and they can’t get rid of him.

If these people can’t get rid of Donald Trump, maybe now we see how they couldn’t get rid of ISIS or they couldn’t get rid of real enemies that America faces. But regardless how you analogize that, the fact is these people tell us and themselves that there’s nobody better, nobody smarter, nobody more effective. They not only should be running our country, they should be running the world. These are the people telling us about climate change and this and the other, every lie they tell us to control us.

But what we’re really witnessing, this is the deep state, this is the Washington establishment, and they can’t get rid of Donald Trump. And guess what weapons they have? They can use lies and get away with it. They can use character assassination. They have every weapon at their disposal, and they still can’t do it. Not yet. They haven’t done it yet.

They are so frosted. They are so ticked off. Their anger on election night was palpable. It’s only been compounded. They had ever judge in this country arrayed against Donald Trump, until they got to the Supreme Court. They had ever university arrayed against Donald Trump. They’ve got every high school. They’ve got Nathan Phillips and the Indians beating up on Nick Sandmann out there.

They’ve got Christine Blasey Ford trying to get rid of Kavanaugh. They have failed at everything they’ve tried. That’s why they’re blowing their minds, folks! They can’t believe it. I know what some of you are thinking, “What do you mean, failed, Rush? They’re destroying the country.” No, they’re not yet. I know it doesn’t look like they’re failing because the media makes it look like they’re succeeding with every one of these moves that they make. But I’m telling you that not a single thing that they’ve accused Trump of doing has he done it.

Every allegation they have made against Trump is really nothing more than somebody’s opinion that is disguised as a leak of fact when it’s nothing but a lie. Trump hasn’t done one thing. If he had, impeachment would have happened a long time ago. If Trump had actually colluded, if Trump had actually worked with Putin, if Trump was actually a traitor and a Russian agent, he would have been gone long ago, folks. But guess what? There isn’t any evidence for any of this.

Look. I’m being repetitive here. But they are so far gone and so far into this, they can’t stop. If Trump wins reelection, this is only going to continue. They can’t win at the ballot box. They can’t win in the arena of ideas. The only way they can assure themselves they can win is by getting rid of opposition.

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