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RUSH: On Monday, Apple announced that they’re gonna spend 2.5 billion of their own dollars to help fix the “affordable housing crisis” in California.

Within hours of this nnouncement, Democrat presidential candidate Crazy Bernie launched a vicious attack on Apple!

Sanders accused Apple, a private company, of “hypocrisy.” He claimed that Apple helped create California’s housing crisis. Sanders blamed Apple for raking in $800 million in tax subsidies, and for keeping a quarter-trillion dollars of their profits offshore in order to avoid paying confiscatory taxes in America.

Now, people have all kinds of opinions about Apple, but the specific company isn’t the point. No American corporation deserves this kind of contempt from Bernie Sanders, simply for being successful. The jobs created by Apple Corp. have helped fuel our economy, the world economy, and have provided billions of dollars in tax revenue.

What product or service has Bernie Sanders ever created to benefit mankind? Absolutely nothing. Yet this unhinged socialist ingrate is slamming a company that’s willing to help California out, while he ignores the socialist policies that are ruining the state!

This is classic crazy. And by the way, Crazy Bernie, the profit Apple makes is their money! It isn’t yours! They earned it, and they are very wise to keep it out of your hands.

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