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RUSH: Here’s Patty, Somerset, Kentucky. Glad you waited. Welcome to our program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how you doing?

RUSH: Good, good, good, great. Thank you.

CALLER: Good. I’m in Kentucky and I wanted to weigh in on just a couple things, just a couple other comments on the election here with Matt Bevin. I do appreciate that you pointed out it is not a reflection on Trump at all. Bevin was, I agree, a bit of a unlikable guy, he was a bit brash, but he did do his job, and I think really where he kind of lost it a bit was we had probably one of the most underfunded public pension systems in the U.S., and he inherited that from the last administration, which it might be Beshear’s father, who I think was our last governor.

Anyway, so the teachers didn’t like his (unintelligible) and they had sick-outs and all sorts of protests the whole time. They didn’t want it fixed, which it probably was gonna run out of money if he didn’t do something. So the unions backed the teachers, and they were out in force yesterday, kind of like was done in Wisconsin. I just think that’s where the problem came in. And I think President Trump probably did bump his numbers up a lot to where he was a contender, but I think that’s where the real problem was.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s interesting. Since this happened last night, I literally have been inundated with people who are professionals in politics and people in Kentucky telling me — it’s kind of — I don’t know — it’s kind of weird what a bad guy he was. I mean, the name rings a bell. I knew he was Governor Matt Bevin and ended up confusing him with somebody else named Matt that I thought was a member of Congress.

But I didn’t know, for example, the animosity Republicans had for the guy until last night. And it’s kind of been overwhelming. I’ve chalked some of it up to people trying to explain how this guy’s the only Republican who lost in a massive GOP sweep in Kentucky. So, Patty, I appreciate the call.

Grab sound bite number 10. This kind of situation — Kentucky, Virginia, Wisconsin, Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, this is the beat of Salena Zito. She has written a book and numerous columns profiling voters in these areas who voted for Trump, who they are, why they did, why they’re solid, why they’re staying, how the Democrats have expressed no interest in finding them at all. She was on CNN today earlier this morning with Drive-By advocate Jim Sciutto. And he said to her, “How concerning was last night for the Republican Party as we look ahead to 2020?”

ZITO: What happened in Kentucky, I just got back from there, was more about Bevin. He was very unpopular for a number of reasons. People thought of him as a carpetbagger, you know, not from this state, wasn’t really in tune with the culture. But then, like if you look down ballot at the AG race, the secretary of state race and the agriculture race, you know, Republicans had great turnout, great wins. This sort of reminds me in 2009, 2010, when Barack Obama, then president, came out for Martha Coakley in Massachusetts over Scott Brown, did a big rally, Jon Corzine in New Jersey did a big rally, Arlen Specter, and all of them lost, but then the president went back and won in 2012.

RUSH: That is an excellent recitation of history. Obama never had any coattails. In fact, one of the worst things that could happen to a candidate was to get Obama’s endorsement. Ask Hillary. You know, it started at the Democrat convention with Obama standing up there saying that she may be the most qualified person ever to run for president, including himself and Bill Clinton. He’s up there on stage and he’s saying (paraphrasing), “Bill, you know, we’re gonna have to admit it, she’s better than both of us, dude.” You know, we’re all looking at ourselves like what’s this guy on? It’s so obviously smoke.

Then Obama went out and campaigned for her, and he told everybody, “If you love me — and I know you do — and if you want my third term, you gotta vote for Hillary,” and what happened to her? She suffered a very significant defeat in the Electoral College, meaning she lost, and Obama did… Zito said this.

He did campaign for Coakley and Corzine and Specter, and they all lost. But Obama won in 2012. Now, up to now Trump has had coattails. Bevin kind of is a unique circumstance in the fact that he’s a candidate Trump really personally went out and campaigned for who did not win. And they’re saying, “Well, he got a lot closer because of Trump than he otherwise would have been.”


RUSH: Here’s Coleman in Bradenton, Florida.  Great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Rush, how are you?

RUSH:  Good.

CALLER:  It’s an honor.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  I’ve been listening to the discussion about the race in Kentucky, and a lot of this talking about Bevin’s negatives — and those may be true.  I’m from Florida, don’t know the details. But I’m looking at the county-by-county map in Kentucky, and if you were to compare that to an Electoral College map of the United States, looks like he would have won Kentucky handily.

RUSH:  Yeah, I saw that. It’s almost all red except for the blues in the cities and maybe some surrounding suburbs.

CALLER:  Exactly.  We’re looking at the liberal enclaves is what pushes states over the map.  And, as you well know, in Florida, Broward and Dade Counties tend to push our elections and national elections as well.

RUSH:  Do I ever! Absolutely.

CALLER: (chuckling) So, anyway, I think reflection on Trump is not a bad reflection on Trump.  It probably shows that with the Electoral College, Trump is still popular. I personally think he’s gonna carry the election in 2020.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah. His approval numbers in Kentucky are 54/41.


RUSH: He’s 54/41 in Kentucky right now — that was like yesterday — and if you look at the Kentucky county map, it’s 85% red.  The point is that if Bevin were elected the same way the Electoral College elects presidents, he would have won handily But the city vote overwhelms, you know, where the commie bas — uh, libs are.  His negatives are what they are.  Look it is what it is.  It was a Republican sweep except for that.

The point is, the point a lot of people are making is Bevin losing is not a reflection on Trump.  And, by the way, that’s not PR.  It’s not made up.  The media all day has been trying to say it’s the exact opposite, that it is the end of Trump, that it proves that Trump is finished.  It’s more of all they’ve got, which is wishful thinking and dreaming.  But it doesn’t mean that at all.


RUSH:  Now, another reminder about why the left is winning the suburbs.  A lot of it is geographical.  Many of these people are leaving the cities — cities that they have destroyed, cities that they have corrupted, cities that have become unlivable. So they’re moving to the suburbs.  The problem is, they’re taking the same policies and culture that caused them to leave to their new locations.  It’s not that the suburbs are… It’s not like Ozzie and Harriet are becoming communists.  They’re being invaded by others.

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