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RUSH: In less time than it takes for a Democrat to put on blackface, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced what’s at the top of his agenda, after Democrats won majority control of the state government.

Governor Northam told CNN that “the ground has shifted” in Virginia. He said he plans to introduce gun-control measures that include universal background checks, red-flag laws, and banning “high-volume” magazines. Governor Northam called those plans “common-sense pieces of legislation.” As soon as Democrats officially take over in January, the gun grab will start.

Now, the speed of Governor Northam’s announcement might have come as a surprise to some Virginians. After all, Democrats didn’t run on gun control. They didn’t define it as their number-one issue, for a simple reason: They wanted to win — and they did.

So now, in addition to gun control, you Virginians can also look forward to all kinds of “progressive” changes in the next few years like higher taxes, higher gas prices, more regulations, job-killing minimum wage laws, more crime, more homelessness, more sanctuary cities, and whatever other left-wing policies that the Democrats think they can get away with.

Elections have consequences. Virginia Democrats are about to impose those consequences on everybody in the state right away. The results are as predictable as every other failed Democrat state: It won’t be pretty. But they’ll probably put up with it like they do in California, like they do in New York. So what difference does it all make?

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