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RUSH: Okay, folks, stiffen up out there. It’s gonna be a big, big, challenging week out there, because what we’re faced with, the Democrats are going for everything this week. They’re moving too fast here. They’re going for everything this week. They’re not gonna be able to contain themselves.

And what we’re gonna get is a repeat of the Kavanaugh strategy. As every effort they make blows up, they’re gonna have another one right in line behind it. We are gonna be overwhelmed with people stepping forward claiming Trump has been a bad actor since day one. It’s gonna be oppressive. You’re not gonna be able to escape it even if you spend just a few minutes with the Drive-By Media every day.


RUSH: The impeachment hearings are this week. We will have some analysis, commentary about that. I really think that the model for what’s gonna happen this week is the Kavanaugh hearings. I mean, if you recall, here comes Christine Blasey Ford, she has her charge, and what were we told? She didn’t want to come forward. She was so scared, so psychologically affected, something that happened 40 years ago, she couldn’t remember where, she couldn’t remember how she got home, oh, my God. It was so terrible.

And then it didn’t have the impact they wanted, so here came Avenatti. Not only was Blasey Ford done to the way she was, this guy’s running a rape train. Then they bring forth a bunch of women who claim to have been part of the rape train. None of it was true. But as every one of them was blown to smithereens, here came another one. Remember?

It was a never-ending parade for about a week and a half. As every person they brought forth to try to destroy Kavanaugh failed, there was another one waiting in the wings. And I will guarantee you that it is the same strategery they’re gonna employ here this week getting started with public impeachment hearings.

Now, Schiff has told Devin Nunes that (imitating Schiff), “No, no, no, no, we’re not gonna call the whistleblower. He’s not gonna appear. We don’t need the whistleblower anymore. And no, you can’t — you can’t — no, no. Whistleblower’s not gonna be part of it.”

Why not? This is classic. The whistleblower was the original weapon. The whistleblower was going to be the star of the show. The whistleblower was going to send Donald Trump back to Trump Tower. Then Trump releases a transcript, and the whistleblower is rendered irrelevant. They tried to keep him alive in the media as a relevant factor. But he hasn’t been ever since the transcript.

Then they bring Vindman up. Okay, here’s a guy, he’s even more credible the whistleblower. He wears the uniform of the United States Army. You can’t criticize. Now Vindman’s not gonna testify. Vindman may be kicked out of the National Security Council.

Now we got other people that are coming forward. It’s the same thing. And I have an inside tip on who the next name that you’ve only heard a couple of times might be and how this person might be utilized. The point is they’re gonna screw this up like they screwed up the Kavanaugh thing. They’re gonna mess it up. They want it too much. And because they want it too much, they are making tactical and strategic mistakes.

And one of the biggest mistakes that they’re making is moving too fast. Impeachment, real impeachment is a much more serious thing than the slam bam thank you, ma’am, thing that they’re trying to run here.

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