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RUSH: Asheville, North Carolina. This is Eugene. I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re up next. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, sir. It’s an honor to be talking with you. I want to say I’ve got a thought about the whole Democratic impeachment process. I don’t think the Dems are ever gonna let this get to the Senate because they know the Senate, when it gets to the Senate they’ll lose control of the narrative and the Senate will most likely clear the president. My best guess is that when they eventually call for the impeachment vote, they’ll tank it. They’ll have just enough of their people either not vote or side with the Republicans —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, hold it right there. Hold it right here. What’s the benefit in that? Why build everybody up, up and up and up and then tank the vote?

CALLER: Because they can then use this, and they can blame it on Republican partnership when it tanks. And then they can use the fact that Trump was nearly impeached throughout the 2020 election.

RUSH: Okay. Let me stop and think about this. Let’s just go through this. They devote everything they’ve got to impeaching Trump. They spend as much time in public hearings as they can destroying Trump, his reputation. They accuse him of all kinds of aberrant things. They make it clear he’s unsuited. They even try to revive the Trump-Russia collusion and obstruction, all of this, they bring forth new witnesses we haven’t even heard, they make it look like a slam dunk, all the while knowing it’s gonna die in the Senate.

You’re right about one thing at least. And that is, as long as this stays in control of the House, they do control the narrative. The moment it leaves the House, they have lost the narrative. The Senate then becomes a player. The Senate is where the trial would take place. Now, the House managers are the lawyers conducting the trial, the chief justice is the judge, and the Senators are the jury, so to speak. But you’re right, they would lose control of the narrative. So it is for this reason I have thought that this is their all-in 2020 campaign issue.

The problem with my theory is that they don’t have a nominee yet, so they don’t really know if the nominee will pick this up and use it as the primary element of the campaign to defeat Trump in 2020. So I can see your theory. I mean, okay. They tank the vote so that they don’t lose control of the narrative, blame Trump for screwing with the process, blame Trump for corrupting their process, blame the Republicans and try to score as many points off that as they can.

But still, at the end of the day, their vote on articles of impeachment and to take this to trial, in your theory, bombs out. That’s a hell of a lot of chicken excrement to try to make chicken salad out of, even with the help of the media.

CALLER: I agree with you, but I just can’t see any way that the Democrats can get anything out of it once it hits the House side because the House will be able to then call their wit — on the Senate side. Once the Senate is in there they’ll be able to call their own witnesses, they’ll be able to put forth —

RUSH: But not until then. See, that’s a good point. They’re not gonna permit the president to call any witnesses in these public hearings. The Republicans have announced they want to call Schiff and they want to call the whistleblower. Schiff’s told ’em, no, no, no, no, no. Hakeem Jeffries: You guys don’t get any witnesses, screw you, in effect, you don’t get any witnesses.

So the Senate would be the first attempt that the president would have to mount a defense. And I think Schiff and these guys, look, they’re living an illusion anyway. I think by then they think they’ll have made such a slam dunk case that it won’t matter what the Senate does. In fact, they may be thinking — and they are delusional, folks. They could well be thinking that they’re going to present such a slam dunk case, the Senate has no choice but than to take it up.

What they’re really hoping for is to find enough Republicans at any point in this to abandon Trump where they can then say this is bipartisan and then take it from there to see where it goes. But you’re absolutely right about one thing. As it stands now, this would die in the Senate. And the absolute worst thing that could happen is for all of this, after three and a half years of all of these charges and allegations, for Trump to be acquitted with just a few months left until the election.

And so you have to ask yourself, is that what they really want? You’d have to say no. So, yeah, it’s an interesting theory. We’ll see. I do know that they’re just gonna keep hammering, and they’re gonna keep dropping surprises on everybody like they did during the Kavanaugh period. Anyway, I’ve gotta take a quick time-out. Eugene, thanks very much. Great talking to you. We’ll be back with more in a moment.


RUSH: One more thing on our last caller. I think the Democrats are gonna screw this up like they’ve screwed everything. Remember, folks, as they have gone public with all of their private investigations, Mueller went public, his testimony. It was a disaster. Every time they’ve gone public, when they’re really feeling their oats, it has blown up in their faces. And they’re gonna screw this up, too, because, folks, it turns out they are stupider than we think they are. Or another way of saying it, they’re not nearly as smart as we think they are.

Listen to Fredo Cuomo. He’s typical of the kind of people we’re talking about. Schiff has to lie to himself and everybody else to even have a case. Anyone who could start this off in the first public hearing by reading that cockamamie, made-up transcript of what Trump supposedly said in his call with the Ukraine president, like Schiff did, is capable of a high level of stupidity. That was abjectly stupid.

And then this Mark Zaid comes out and tweets that there’s a coup and that CNN is actively involved in it. Trump is never gonna be removed from office. And the one-sided unfairness of all of this where they’re muzzling Republicans from talking about Biden corruption, not letting ’em call witnesses, is gonna play to Trump’s advantage politically like they can’t even calculate. It’s still a pain that we’re gonna have to go through all of this, though. But we are.

A recent CNN poll shows enthusiasm for the incumbent Trump is almost unprecedented. A Gallup poll also shows that Republican electoral enthusiasm is off the charts compared to Democrats’ coming up for 2020. I’m gonna have to save details of this for tomorrow, but it is huge.

A recent CNN poll shows enthusiasm for the incumbent Donald Trump is almost unprecedented. And in his own party his approval numbers are now well past 90%. There’s no way he’s being run off office. And I don’t know what Schiff thinks he’s going to accomplish with this, if he’s dreaming that they’re actually gonna get rid of Trump.

But the one thing I can assure you, they’re not nearly as smart as you think they are. And just remember, everything they have tried has blown up in their faces. And in the midst of all of it, guess what’s happened? The existence of this so-called deep state has now been shown to be true. The existence of this little cabal of elitists that think they run things is no longer now just somebody’s suspicion. It is an active fact that Donald Trump has exposed. So there’s no question these guys — with Adam Schiff at the top of headquarters on this? Don’t doubt me. Do not doubt me.

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