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Nov 12, 2019


CNS News: Nunes: Schiff Allowing Only the Witnesses He Likes
Fresno Bee: Devin Nunes demands Trump whistleblower testify at public impeachment hearings
CNN: Dan Rather and Sam Donaldson tell CNN’s Don Lemon that they think that President Donald Trump is dangerous for the country because Trump is only interested in protecting himself.
Fox News: Harold Ford on Michael Bloomberg weighing a 2020 run, impeachment
The Hill: Democrats on edge as Iowa points to chaotic race
Fox News: ICIG complaint alleges Trump-Ukraine whistleblower may be soliciting illicit donations
CNN: Schiff says whistleblower testimony is ‘redundant and unnecessary’
Vox: House Democrats deny Republicans’ request for whistleblower testimony
The Federalist: New Complaint Alleges Anti-Trump Whistleblower Tried to Get Rich off His ICIG Complaint
Fox News: The Trump impeachment inquiry is already in big trouble. Here’s who Democrats have to thank -Gregg Jarrett
WFB: PBS Correspondent: Dems Hoping for Tearful Impeachment Hearings
Gallup: High Enthusiasm About Voting in U.S. Heading Into 2020
CNN: Huge number say they’re extremely enthusiastic about voting for president next year
WFB: ‘Saw everything’: Alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella had extensive access in Trump White House
AT: ‘He’s not a king!’ A brief encounter with the swamp -Jay Latimer
Federalist: Desperate Dems Drop ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Rhetoric, Now It’s ‘Extortion’ And ‘Bribery’ – David Marcus
CNN: Oversight Dem says ‘quid pro quo’ term might obscure Dems’ case against Trump
Digg: The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie gave a no holds barred live interview with former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.
Washington Post: Rex Tillerson denies he tried to undermine Trump, says Nikki Haley was ‘rarely present’ at meetings
Fox News: Mark Sanford drops GOP primary challenge to Trump
Washington Examiner: ‘Deeply troubling’: Condoleezza Rice criticizes Trump over ‘really murky’ Ukraine call
Washington Post: We haven’t had a bona fide ‘White House press secretary’ for months. How about ‘Special Envoy to Fox News’?
Vanity Fair: Harvey Weinstein, Nearing Trial, Reportedly Parties in Manhattan
CBS: Trump touts wage gains and factory jobs in Economic Club of New York speech
@GOPChairwoman: “We’ve been polling our 2020 target states each week, and since Pelosi’s charade started…”
BuzzFeed: Impeachment Today Podcast: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lev Parnas
Washington Examiner: Analysis — Democrats have a Colonel Vindman problem -Byron York
@ChuckGrassley: If FISA Inspector General Horowitz report doesn’t come out next week when they said it would then I will be very disappointed & left to wonder WHAT THE GAME IS?? Is someone at FBI or DOJ tying IGs hands??


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