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RUSH: Mrs. Pelosi, I really think you ought to begin thinking about finding a way out of this. I really do, Mrs. Pelosi. Can I tell you what CNN just put up as their highlight, breaking news, ground-breaking, “My God, this is gonna shock the hell out of you” little chyron headline? In other words, this is it. “Sondland said…” This is Taylor. “Sondland told me that Trump cared more about investigating Biden than he cared about Ukraine.”

That is it! “Sondland told me everything — including security aid — depended on Zelensky announcing investigations.” “Trump cared more about investigating the Bidens than he cares about Ukraine! (sobbing) And we… We love Ukraine! (wailing) We have devoted our lives to Ukraine foreign policy! (Gasp!) Trump doesn’t care. Trump doesn’t care.” Folks, that’s all they’ve got. That’s the bombshell. Of all the stuff that has been said today, that’s what CNN has extracted as their headline take-away chyron graphic. It’s hearsay!

Taylor said, “Sondland told me that cared more about investigating the Bidens than he cares about Ukraine.” (wailing) But Taylor never talked to Trump. Taylor never spoke to Trump. Taylor doesn’t know what Trump thought. Taylor doesn’t know what Trump feels, Taylor doesn’t know what Trump wants! Taylor has never spoken to Trump. A take-away from these hearings on CNN is a hearsay reference to Gordon Sondland, who is a pro-Trumper.

“Well, Gordon Sondland told me that Trump cares more about investigating the Bidens!” Let me tell you something, folks. Ukraine got their aid. Trump never got his Biden investigation. Ukraine never started that investigation, and Ukraine got their aid. I’m telling you, there’s nothing here. In fact, it’s even worse. Before we go to the phones, let me give you this little side-by-side. This Taylor guy — this guy who’s filled with hearsay, in my opinion.

The guy that sounds like Walter Cronkite, the guy that sounds like Edward R. Murrow (impression) “The, uhhh, impeccable foreign policy Ukraine specialist.” This guy, his beef, his total beef — my opinion, by the way. His total beef is that he disagrees with Trump’s foreign policy. That’s it. That’s all this is. It’s not that Trump’s committed crimes. It’s not that Trump engaged in bribery or extortion or quid pro quos. This guy Taylor’s beef is that he disagrees with Trump’s foreign policy.

He claimed in his testimony today that Trump is pro-Russian. But what did Trump do? Trump has armed Ukraine with aid the Obama administration denied. Trump has beefed up sanctions against Russia. Trump has removed the U.S. from a warped Russian missile treaty that Obama established. Remember Obama on the open mic (impression), “Uh, hey, Dmitry, you tell, um… Tell — tell — tell Vladimir I’ll have, uh, much more flexibility after the election.”

Meaning: “Tell Vladimir I’ll have a lot more leeway in getting rid of American nukes after I win reelection 2012.” Trump got out of that deal. Trump ended up killing Russians in Syria. Trump has increased oil production in the United States that has hurt Russian dependence on oil-export money. Trump hasn’t done anything to help Russia. Trump has taken on Russia. Trump is not pro-Russian. Trump has upped military defense of the United States to stave off Russia.

Trump has invested in and increased NATO readiness — and also, Trump has gotten rid of the last vestiges of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s “reset” with Russia. Now, Obama, in contrast, stopped arms aid to Ukraine. Obama canceled the missile defense against Russia in Eastern Europe. Obama did nothing about Crimea and Ukraine. He did not stop Russia from annexing Crimea from Ukraine while Crimea was defenseless because Ukraine did not get any American aid because Obama had denied it.

Obama invited Putin into the Middle East after 40 years of the Russians not having an invited American presence there. There isn’t any comparison. If you want to look at the two sets of foreign policy, the Barack Obama foreign policy basically sold out Ukraine in favor of Russia. That is what Trump has been resetting! That’s what Trump has been redoing, and these guys are bent out of shape about it. They had implemented the Obama foreign policy where Ukraine is concerned. They expected Hillary’s election to continue it.

Trump has come in and said, “You guys are nuts! Ukraine is our ally, not Russia,” and he has totally reversed what Obama the Obama foreign policy was — and that’s the rub. That’s all this is, and they’re trying to disguise this as bribery and extortion and quid pro quos. It’s nothing more than a bunch of Obamaites literally ticked off that Trump did an end run around ’em on Ukraine foreign policy. That’s it!

Pardon me for yelling. It makes me mad, and everything happening to Trump here is a result of Obama holdovers trying to sabotage him because he’s undoing a bunch of the rotten things Obama did. That’s what’s happening to Donald Trump. Everything happening to him has been sponsored by Obama holdovers (including here) who were expecting Hillary Clinton to be elected and to continue this charade — and Trump has undone much of it.

He continues to undo more of it, and they don’t know how to stop him. That’s all it is. There’s no impeachable offense. There’s no blockbuster here. The blockbuster… There is a blockbuster: What is being revealed about the Obama administration and the Washington, D.C., shadow government that thinks it runs things and attempts to sabotage presidents elected by the American people who do not do its bidding.

That’s the bombshell here. The Democrats have all kinds of evidence. It’s just none of it’s against Trump. The Democrats have reams of evidence against Obama and Hillary and the entirety of what we call the deep state. They’ve got overflowing evidence. They’re trying to suppress it, while they now create and try to manufacture evidence against Trump when there is.

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