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RUSH: There’s a new poll out there on higher education from the AP and the National Opinion Research Center (that’s NORC) and the experts are said to be “alarmed” at the results.

According to the poll, a majority of young Americans between 13 and 29 agree that college can put people on a path to success. But only about 40% agree that a four-year degree adequately prepares people for today’s economy.

Now, here’s the part that experts find alarming. Half of these young Americans think a high school education provides the skills needed to get a good job. Six our of 10 think vocational school is good preparation.

But the vast majority of young people — 73% of them — think the best preparation is job experience, rather than a degree. Experts are distressed by this skepticism about the value of a college degree — and I’ll bet the AP hated to report that young people’s “esteem for practical experience is shared by the Trump administration, which has pushed to expand apprenticeship programs.”

Now, what the alarmed experts miss are the reasons for these results. Many colleges (despite the ridiculous price tag) are nothing more than liberal indoctrination centers. Young people are figuring out that it makes no sense to go deep into debt for useless liberal degrees that don’t prepare them for real life — like degrees in anti-corruption, rule of law.

Anyway, all of this is not alarming to me. It’s hopeful!

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