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RUSH: This is Jay in Columbia, South Carolina. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, thanks, Rush. They’re in full panic mode for sure. They’re pointing the laser light, and we’re the cat chasing it from Russia and now to the Ukraine. Who knows where we’ll be chasing it next. But, anyway, my point is Adam Schiff was caught on video yesterday in a complete, total lie. He told Congresswoman Stefanik that he would interrupt the hearing if he felt that a Republican’s question might lead to the identity of the so-called whistleblower.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: She said, how exactly would he be able to interrupt a Republican’s question leading to the ID of the whistleblower if he now claims he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is. That’s proof right there that he’s a liar.

RUSH: Yep. We made this point big time yesterday, shortly after it happened. And you’re right, it first came out, it was a Republican questioning, and it was the woman that you mentioned. This was great, actually. The Republicans had a plan to take Schiff off rhythm, and it worked. So Schiff goes through his opening statement and he’s being very serious. He thinks he’s being very professorial and very intellectual and very dramatic and he’s getting ready here to lower the boom on Trump.

And right when he’s ready to send it over to Ambassador Kent, the Republican, “Point of order, point of order, are we gonna be able to question the whistleblower? You know who the whistleblower is and we want to –” And Schiff said, “I don’t know who the whistleblower is.” He lied through his teeth. He coordinated this with the whistleblower. But then he was on record saying that if the Republicans identified the whistleblower and mentioned the whistleblower’s name, that there would be hell to pay.

Well, how would he know if they had mentioned the whistleblower’s name if Schiff says he doesn’t know who it is? He was nabbed red-handed. Adam Schiff lies constantly. Adam Schiff has assured the American people he has reams of incontrovertible evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. He has yet to produce it because it doesn’t exist. Eric Swalwell has said the same. They have not produced it because they don’t have it because it doesn’t exist.

But Schiff did. He threatened Republicans. If you mention the whistleblower’s name there’s gonna be hell to pay. And the question, “Well, if they mentioned his name how you gonna know because you just said you don’t know who it is.” Which is a crock, folks. He set this all up and he and the whistleblower plotted and planned this, along with John Brennan. This whole cabal set this whole thing up.

You know, a little observation. What’s really, really curious to me, because I’m convinced that this whole plot was dependent on Trump not releasing the transcript of the phone call. These people were so arrogant and condescending, they literally believed that they would be able, with the whistleblower, to characterize Trump’s phone call however they wanted and get away with it because Trump would never release the transcript.

Now, that’s a hell of a bet to make. And it’s not very bright. You know that you’re making something up, in fact, your strategy, your objective is to lie to the American people about Trump’s phone call. And you know that there’s evidence that you’re lying in the transcript. And yet you hatched this plan anyway believing that that transcript will never be released for whatever historical reasons.

These people, it’s really hard to calculate the extent of their ignorance, stupidity, or misjudgment, whatever you want to call it. And I think that the explanation for it is their arrogance. I believe they think so highly of themselves and they have such confidence knowing that the media is their backup and their referee and their agent in the rigged game that I think it makes them vastly overconfident that their plans are gonna work because, folks, none of them have.

Everything they’ve done behind closed doors where they’re able to lie and get the media to report the lies and create news based on the lies, which was two and a half years for Trump-Russia collusion using the Times and the Washington Post, they get so convinced that they’ve got a case that is based on nothing that they decide it’s time to go public with it. Every time they have gone public, it has blown up in their face.

Mueller and his testimony in public blew up in their face. The public release of the Mueller report blew up in their face. The Kavanaugh attempt blew up in their face. And this blew up in their face yesterday. Why do they keep making the same amazing mistakes? And the answer is they’re not nearly as smart as you think they are. They’re not nearly as strategically crafty as you think they are. The Republicans kind of make ’em look like they’re really smart. But the nature of the evidence right in front of us is that they’re not.


RUSH: Okay. Here’s the Republican leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy, California, at his weekly press briefing. Get this question from a reporter. Oh, by the way, CNN is back to covering impeachment. I wonder why? And you know what they’re doing? They’re talking about what’s gonna happen next week. Next week’s hearings. Yes, with Gordon Sondland, new evidence in the phone call, shocking new evidence in the phone call.

Don’t doubt me, folks, these people are so predictable. Here’s the question Kevin McCarthy got: “You said that you should be focused solely on the president’s words on that call. You said read the transcript. And yet you have this growing number of State Department officials, career public servants, who say that what they saw was highly irregular, even crazy. Are they all –”

See how this works? So the president’s transcript of the phone call is there, it’s perfectly clean and clear, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s perfectly fine, it’s aboveboard, but a bunch of eggheaded nerd wonks, unelected, unaccountable, in the State Department, a bunch of Never Trumpers, “Why, that looks very irregular. That went outside regular channels. He did not involve the interagency group.”

So here come the sycophants in the media assuming that the wonks and the nerds and the unaccountable bureaucrats, they are the experts, Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, you McCarthy, don’t know what you’re doing. Are all of these people? Yes, they are all wrong! I will say it. They’re all wrong because they’re all haters of Donald Trump. They’re all partisans.

They’re all part of the Never Trumper cabal designed to get rid of Trump, so, yes, they are all wrong. Were they right about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Where have they been right recently? Who anointed these people as God’s gift to America? Yes, they’re wrong. I’ll be the first to say that they’re wrong. And they’re wrong on purpose. Now, that’s not what McCarthy says. Here’s what McCarthy said.

MCCARTHY: Yesterday Congressman John Ratcliffe left a question to these two witnesses, who have never met the president, were not on the phone call, has not talked to the Chief of Staff, and asked them, what do you see impeachable? Is there one impeachable item in there? They could not answer one. Remember what we’re discussing here. We’re talking about removing a duly elected president. You take that so lightly? We have the transcripts.

You know, Alexander Hamilton warned us that this day may come, that a person may have the majority with inside of Congress to use impeachment for their own personal, political gains. We’ve watched how many times they’ve tried this in the last three years and failed. And now we watch Adam Schiff, one more time, leading the charge.

RUSH: Look. He’s exactly right. They did ask these two experts who can never be wrong because they care so much about Ukraine and Kiev, oh, they love Ukraine. And Trump went outside regular channels, he didn’t involve the interagency group. “He just destroyed all the work that we’ve done!”

Who appointed these people God’s gift to expertise? Nobody elected ’em. And when asked point-blank, what’s the impeachable offense in the phone call? Zip, zero, nada. Crickets. Well, yeah, I intended to get another phone call in here, but that kind of bombed out like the hearings.

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