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RUSH: Well, Pelosi had a press conference, her weekly press conference, always on Thursdays, just before the program began, and one of the questions that she was asked — by the way, before I get to that, she referred to James Rosen, Fox reporter, as “Mr. Republican talking point” in her response.

Now, these are people that know they run the media. These are people that think they run Washington, D.C. Folks, she’s in a tizzy here. She’s ticked off. She’s not happy. She’s not feeling her oats. Believe you me, this did not go any way, anywhere like they dreamed it was gonna go. This was spin day. Schiff schedules hearings on Wednesday, takes a day off today, resumes tomorrow.

This was spin day. This was where all the bombshells, today, all the bombshells were gonna be spun, all the bombshells were gonna be amplified. They were gonna be driven home. By the end of today the American people were going to be clamoring for Trump’s removal. There isn’t any spinning because there wasn’t any bombshells. We don’t have anything.

There isn’t a single takeaway from what happened yesterday of any substance that would lead anybody to believe the House had a purpose for doing what they did yesterday. This is Peggy Lee. (singing) “Is that all there is? Is that all there is? If that’s all there is, my friends, then let’s keep dancing.” And they’re gonna keep dancing. They don’t have anything.

Pelosi was asked by a reporter today, an eager beaver reporter, “Madam Speaker, Madam Speaker, will you be looking at an article of impeachment?”

Pelosi: (paraphrasing) “I don’t know that. We haven’t made a decision to impeach. That’s what the inquiry’s about. And when the committees decide that, well, they will decide what the articles are.”

Wuh wuh wuh wuh?

That’s not the answer she was expecting to be able to give to that question today. “Madam Speaker, will you be looking at an article of impeachment?”

“I don’t know that. We haven’t made a decision to impeach.”

You haven’t made a decision to impeach? What was that yesterday? Oh, it was an inquiry? We’re still at the inquiry stage? You mean, we’re still looking for this impeachable offense? Remember yesterday John Ratcliffe, Republican congressman from Texas, looked at both George Kent and William Taylor, said, “Can either of you two guys point to me the impeachable offense in the phone call?”

And dead silence. After a couple of seconds of silence a kerfuffle began as Schiff attempted to make a bunch of noise and cause distractions so that people didn’t realize that these two guys didn’t have an answer to that question. So a kerfuffle begins and Ratcliffe, being the polite mannered guy he is, “Okay, okay, I’ll withdraw the question.”

He was happy to withdraw the question because he didn’t get an answer. And no answer is the same as, “No, I’m sorry, I didn’t hear anything impeachable.” All this time Taylor is waving his hand, “Hey, hey, I want to say something!”

“Mr. Taylor, you’re recognized.”

(imitating Taylor) “I just want to remind everybody, I’m not here for that. I’m not here, I’m not invested in one outcome or another. I’m not here as a partisan. That’s your job.”

Wait a minute. Then why are you there? This is an impeachment inquiry. That’s the only reason you’re there, Mr. Taylor. You are there to help start nailing nails in Donald Trump’s coffin. That’s why you’re there. Neither of these two witnesses yesterday could provide any direct firsthand knowledge of anything Donald Trump has done in Ukraine, and they are the star witnesses.


RUSH: We’re gonna start in Savannah, Georgia. John, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Thanks for having me on.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Hey, at the top… In one of the Fox News breaks, I think, right before your opening monologue, Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying she couldn’t guarantee — I’m paraphrasing — that the House would vote on impeachment. So I think your point is very valid that they’re about to ready to throw in the towel and she wishes she could pull the plug on this right now.

RUSH: Wait a second. You are the second person who’s told me this, and I can’t find verification of this. So I need to ask you: Did you actually hear her say it or did someone else say that she said it?

CALLER: No, this was a sound bite from her.

RUSH: And did she say some…? Did a reporter say, “Will you be looking at an article of impeachment?” Did she say, “I don’t know that. We haven’t made a decision to impeach. That’s what the inquiry is about,” or did she flat-out say that they are not going to vote on impeachment?

CALLER: She said the possibility was there that they would not vote, and that was it. Again, I’m paraphrasing. But that was Fox News, and right after that you went into the fact that they are running out of steam on this and the plug needs to be pulled, and I think she realizes that. She also made another interesting statement asking Trump to come offer exculpatory evidence, which is, “We’re running out of ammo, Mr. President. Give us something we can twist and turn around. We don’t have anything.”

RUSH: Well, Trump’s already provided exculpatory evidence. By the way, it’s not up to the accused to prove he didn’t do it, although in Trump’s case we could probably throw that out the window. The phone call is the evidence. The phone call transcript is the evidence that the whistleblower and everybody else is lying about this. The phone call is the exculpatory evidence. That’s the problem they’ve got. Let me remind you again, folks, the way this was supposed to go.

The whistleblower was going to be the star. The whistleblower was gonna be the hero. The whistleblower was gonna carry the day. The whistleblower was going to be able to characterize this phone call however he wanted to. The theory was that Trump would never release the transcript of the call no matter what, because presidents don’t do that. They protect executive privilege. They don’t set the precedent of letting the legislative branch get their noses that deep into the executive branch because of separation of powers.

So they thought Trump and his advisers would hold fast on not releasing the transcript of the call. That would allow the whistleblower to say whatever he wanted to say was on that call, and then Trump not releasing it would be the equivalent of covering it up or obstructing the impeachment inquiry. That’s what they were going to ride to victory. Trump releasing the transcript blew that to smithereens, and they had to scramble and come up with Plan B. Plan B is what we’ve got, what we watched. They’re trying to make it look like it was Plan A.

Now, I’ve had two people tell me… This is very frustrating for me, because I can’t find anybody to confirm it, but I’ve had two people tell me that Pelosi said there will not be a vote. If she had said that, that would be the headline. I’ve quoted what she said, but I’ve got people disagreeing. This is what she said. A reporter said, “Will you be looking into an article of impeachment?” Pelosi: “I don’t know that. We haven’t made a decision to impeach. That’s what the inquiry’s all about.”

Now, if people are hearing that as Pelosi saying, “We’re not gonna vote,” that’s not what she said here in that quote. She didn’t say, “There will not be a vote.” That’s not at all what she said yet. It may be trending in that direction; it’s not what she said. She said, “I don’t know that. We haven’t made a decision to impeach. That’s what the inquiry’s all about.” Now, if yesterday had gone as planned, she would have answered, “Hell, yes, we’re gonna vote. Probably Friday. Hell, yes, we’re gonna vote!

If they had it, she would have said, “Hell, yes! I’m putting together the vote even now.” Pelosi… Go back to what Harold Ford said. If she did not get some Republicans on this, then she’s got an even tougher way to go here because impeachment has to have a bipartisan nature to it, and she doesn’t have that yet, and she’s acknowledging in her answer that she’s not near a vote. What she said, essentially, was that yesterday was a bomb and we don’t know yet, and that’s… There’s nothing more to it than that yet.

George Kent (the bow tie guy) yesterday actually made the case for investigating Burisma and the Bidens. He actually did.


RUSH: So a bunch of people in the email, “Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush, you’re making a mistake. Don’t act like this is over.” Folks, don’t misunderstand me. I’m talking about yesterday. Remember, I am the guy who said this is going to be like Kavanaugh. As they try things and they fail, another one’s gonna pop up.

They don’t know this has bombed out on ’em yet. I mean, some of the network people do. You can tell by the questions, you can tell by the answers. Look, in a self-contained way yesterday, as a self-contained day, was a bomb. It doesn’t mean in their minds their whole effort has bombed out. It just that yesterday was a bomb. It didn’t produce anything. There was nothing memorable, there was nothing mind-blowing, there was nothing of any substance that’s going to even shock anybody.

They had literally nothing yesterday, and they built everybody up to expect that it was gonna be one bombshell after another yesterday. And they had two witnesses that can’t even testify directly to anything the president’s done or said because they’ve never spoken to him and they haven’t met him. So yesterday was a bomb. But it doesn’t mean that they’re cashing it in. And Pelosi has not said there isn’t gonna be a vote.

They’re gonna do the hearings again tomorrow and they’re gonna hope to try to come up with something to make up for the bomb that yesterday was. A lot of people have a lot riding on this, especially Adam Schiff. But all of the Democrat Party and Pelosi. So of all people not seduced by any of this, fear not, my friends, it isn’t me. I’m just telling you in a flat-out, factual way that yesterday was a total, total disaster. And it was not what anybody on the left was expecting.

Now, they make these misjudgments constantly. They have a total misunderstanding — this all falls into the category of the disconnect that exists between Washington, D.C., and the rest of the country, and particularly when it comes to the Democrats. They literally have lost the ability to relate to most Americans.

And I’ll guarantee you these people in the diplomatic corps and in the interagency group and all these people, the CIA and the national security counsel, they don’t even want to relate to you. They don’t even think you should be electing the president. Because you’re gonna screw up like you did with Trump. And then they’re gonna have to come in and they’re gonna try to take over foreign policy because you elected somebody that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

They’re not elected, they’re not accountable, they’ve got no reason to care what you think. And they don’t. As such, they’re not gonna even try to relate to you. They’re gonna talk to each other in their own world, which is what we got yesterday. And I’m sure that probably some people that watched yesterday thought it was bombshell, that thought Taylor and George Kent were just the end of the world, man, they were fabulous.

But in terms of actually communicating with or relating to and making a connection with the American people, there was none. But, again, I’m just telling you, when the lead item on Drudge is Kellyanne Conway and her husband’s marriage, there was nothing in the hearings yesterday. Both networks are still covering the school shooting. They haven’t even broken away from it.

There hasn’t been a panel discussion on how bad it was for Trump yesterday. There hasn’t been a panel discussion on how Trump’s days are numbered. There hasn’t been a panel discussion on anything. They gave take whirl earlier this morning on CNN. They don’t have anything. That doesn’t mean they can’t try to make something else up.

Remember, the whistleblower was an entire series of lies. The whistleblower, just like Schiff, has lied repeatedly as committee chairman when he characterized the phone call. They’ve got a lot invested in this, and they’re gonna keep plugging away at it, if I know them as I think I do. That’s why Pelosi at some point is going to have to make a decision and is probably very nervous right now. But then I’m crediting her for a modicum of intelligence that she may not have on this herself. I think she does.

We got a couple Pelosi sound bites from the press conference today. Don’t have the bite where everybody thinks that she said that there will not be a vote. That’s not what she said. Again, and I’m having Cookie roll that off so you actually can have the audio of Pelosi saying it. But a reporter asked her: “Will you be looking into an article of impeachment?” And she cut him off. She said, “I don’t know that. We haven’t made a decision to impeach. That’s what the inquiry is about. And when the committee decides on that, then they’ll decide what the articles are.”

Now, some people heard that as, “Well, she just said there isn’t gonna be a vote.” No, she didn’t say that. She said they not gonna be a vote yet. I guarantee you she wants there to be a vote and she wanted there to be a vote yesterday. She wanted yesterday to be so jam-packed with stuff that the country was demanding that Trump be thrown out of office last night. That’s what their hopes were.

So here are a couple of bites, her press conference, every Thursday she does it. This was a little bit before noon Eastern time. CBS infobabe Nancy Cordes: “You talked about bribery. That’s a very, very serious, serious charge.”

PELOSI: We’re talking Latin around here, E pluribus unum from anyone, from anyone. Quid pro quo, bribery. Bribery. And that is in the Constitution attached to the impeachment proceedings.

CORDES: So what was the bribe here?

PELOSI: The bribe is to grant or withhold military assistance in return for a public statement of a — uh, uh, of a fake investigation into, uh, the, uh, election. That’s bribery. Yesterday I think — I do believe the truth will set us free. And so the truth coming from the president’s own appointee, the president’s own appointee describing bribery.

RUSH: Well, but, see, that didn’t happen. I mean, the bottom line is the president never got his investigation and Ukraine did get their money. We told you they’re gonna drop quid pro quo and move down the road to bribery and extortion because they figure people don’t know what quid pro quo is, but bribery that’s easy to understand.

But grab Joe Lockhart again. Grab sound bite number 4. I’m gonna use a Democrat spokesman for Clinton to undercut what Pelosi just said. The question he got was from Alisyn Camerota. “Most working people can’t be glued to their TVs.” Translation: Nobody watched this yesterday, Joe. We had such high hopes, Joe, nobody saw it. Next question: “Do you think that there’s any way that this could move the needle for some –” Joe, is there anything we could do since nobody watched it, Joe? Is there anything we can do to make them hate Trump even more?

LOCKHART: Republicans did what they needed to do, which was they just need to give their base something to hold on to. And I think their best argument was the simplest argument, which is the aid went through, and there were no investigations. Now, it’s an argument that falls apart with one more piece of information, but they’re not gonna get that from Fox News. They’re not gonna get that from Rush Limbaugh. So I think there’s nothing there that moves the hard-core MAGA base.

RUSH: Translation: We had nothing, Alisyn, that’s gonna move this in any direction at all because the main charge of quid pro quo and bribery didn’t happen. Trump did not demand an investigation while releasing the money. So Pelosi’s answer here is connected to nothing. Pelosi’s answer here is a rote and scripted answer she was going to say at this presser regardless of substance or context.

So she gets a question, “You talked about bribery. That’s a very –” In fact, I’m sure Pelosi told the press corps: “Some of you asked me about bribery. I want to talk — So somebody in the press core, “Okay, tell me about bribery.” And here comes here scripted answer that is not related to what happened yesterday.

Cordes says, “So what was the bribe?” “Well, the bribe is to grant or withhold military assistance in return for a public statement of fake investigation into the election. That’s bribery.” Except it didn’t happen. There still haven’t been these mythical investigations and Ukraine got their money, as Lockhart just pointed out.

So Pelosi’s answer here is a generic, scripted answer that she just wants the media to report to continue this lying mischaracterization of what Trump did. And she’s trying to erase the fact that nothing happened in the hearings yesterday. That’s all they can do, folks, is try to tell you that what you saw yesterday you didn’t see, that what was boring as hell yesterday was actually a series of bombshells. And that’s what they’re in the process of trying to do. But they can’t convince anybody of it, and the media isn’t going along with it.

Now, here’s the next one. Chad Pergram of Fox News Channel, he’s a producer, said, “Do you think there is a way, considering that all they’re doing in all the depositions, is there any way the House could not impeach?”

PELOSI: Perhaps you have not heard me (snickers) when I have said, “This is something we’re very — do with a heavy heart. This is very prayerful, because impeachment is — is a divisive thing in our country. It’s hard, and it… (sputters) The place that our country is now, it’s not a time where we go to 70% when President Nixon walked out of the White House. By the way, what President Trump has done on the record in terms of — of acting to advantage his… A foreign power to help him in his own election and, uh, the, uh, the obstruction of information about that — the cover-up — makes what Nixon did look almost small.

RUSH: Again, let me tell you what we have there. Folks, this is an answer that is absolutely devoid of any context of what happened yesterday. Her answer is what she wants people to think happened yesterday. Her answer contains information that she and the Democrats were hoping would be revealed yesterday. This answer of hers contains their agenda. It contains the attempt that they were making here to get rid of Trump.

The problem that she has is that none of what she has described here has happened. Let’s go through it. First, his question: “Is there any way that you could not impeach?” If she had said, by the way, that there’s not gonna be a vote on impeachment, this would have been where she would have said so. She did not. So if it’s going around Twitter or anywhere that Pelosi said there’s not gonna be a vote, folks, it isn’t true.

She hasn’t said that yet. What she said was, “Perhaps you have not heard me when I said this is something we’re very… We do with a heavy heart. It’s very prayerful, because impeaching is a divisive thing in our country.” Well, exactly. It’s very rare, and we had public hearings into impeaching Donald Trump yesterday — and, folks, you can’t find any news about it. There isn’t any news right now. I mean, I’m looking at cable news networks.

They aren’t talking about it, and they haven’t been for the last two to three hours (and not much before that), and the big news of the day has been Kellyanne Conway and her husband and whatever he’s saying on MSNBC. It isn’t a big deal. Yesterday was a total bomb-out for them. (wailing) “Yeah, we had this major, gigantic thing that we hardly ever do in America ’cause it’s so prayerful, it’s so important. We impeached yesterday! We began the impeachment inquiry.”

Yeah, you can’t find any evidence that it happened by virtue of looking at the news. Am I the only one who thinks this is a big deal? I think it is profound that they’ve got nothing to say about what happened yesterday. But her answer? Man, this is… Well, I want to stop short of going the psycho route, but listen to this. (impression) “The place that our country is now, it’s — it’s — it’s not a time where you go to 70% when Nixon walked out of the White House.”

What? (impression) “It’s not a time where you go to 70% when Nixon walked…”? Meaning we don’t have 70% of the people demanding that Trump go? By the way, after pointing out that we don’t have 70% saying Trump should go like we had with Nixon (impression), “By the way, what President Trump has done on the record in terms of acting to advantage his — a — a — a foreign power to help him in his own election and the obstruction of information about…”

No. He hasn’t done that, Ms. Pelosi.

See, this is what the whistleblower’s mission was. She is reading from the script they wrote six weeks ago. The script was to be: “Whistleblower testifies he heard Trump on this phone call demanding this and demanding that and telling Ukraine they’re gonna get jack until they do it.” Trump was not gonna refute it because he wasn’t gonna release the transcript. So they were gonna be able to say what she just said here.

(impression) “By the way, what President Trump has done on the record in terms of acting to advantage a foreign power to help him in his own election and the obstruction of information about that, the cover-up, makes what Nixon did…” There hasn’t been a cover-up! He released transcript. That’s why they don’t know what to do. There isn’t a cover-up. What there is, is their technique and their plan has been exposed — and Pelosi is telling us what it was.

This answer is Pelosi literally telling us what their attempt to get Trump was gonna be based on, and she is saying it as though it has happened even though it hasn’t — and this is the problem they have had from the very beginning of all of this. They haven’t had a shred of evidence to back up any of the accusations or allegations against Trump that they have made. They literally have nothing. They never have had anything.

And Pelosi’s answer here — for people who are up to speed and following this — is quite illustrative. She, in fact, slipped up in this answer because she has just unveiled where she wanted this to go. She unveiled with that answer what their plan was. (impression) “He was covering up. He was using foreign policy to screw a political opponent. He was withholding foreign aid from a valued ally until they investigated his opponent.” None of that has happened, and yet she just answered the press conference as though it did and as though it’s ongoing.


RUSH: Okay. I found the sound bite where everybody thinks Pelosi said that she’s not gonna have a vote on impeachment, and it’s from this press conference, and it was from a question from the CBS infobabe, Nancy Cordes. “Could we be looking at an article of impeachment having to do with bribery?”

PELOSI: I don’t know that! We don’t even — haven’t made — made a decision to impeach. That’s what the inquiry is about, and when the — the committee —

RUSH: That’s it. Stop the tape. That’s what people heard (summarized): “We haven’t even made a decision to impeachment.” She means conduct a vote. They have made a decision. See, that’s even quite telling. This isn’t even an impeachment. This is the so-called inquiry. Schiff called it the equivalent of a grand jury. The problem is grand juries don’t get conducted in the public. But, anyway, what she’s telling people is (impression), “This is still the inquiry, and then next week the Republicans get to bring in some witnesses, and who knows where it’s gonna go.”

Now, the interpretation of this, I don’t even… (impression) “We haven’t made a decision to impeach. That’s what the inquiry’s about.” I think people are combining the uber-reality that yesterday was a total bomb with Pelosi saying, “We haven’t even made a decision to impeach,” and then concluding that she’s decided it was a bomb and so there isn’t gonna be a vote. That’s not what she’s saying.

She’s still hedging her bets, and at this juncture it’d be very helpful to replay Harold Ford and what he said, but I’m not gonna have time to squeeze that in before the break. So we’ll do that coming back. I’m finally able now to understand why everybody thought she said that there was not gonna be a vote. She didn’t say that, but I can see where (after my opening and brilliant monologue) you might have thought she did.


RUSH: Now, let’s go back and listen to Harold Ford. This was Monday on the Fox News Channel, Fox News Reporting. This is the old Shepard Smith hour, 3 p.m. hour. Bret Baier was hosting that day. He had Harold Ford, former member of Congress, Tennessee. Question: “We’re getting ready for these public hearings on impeachment. How much do you think this impeachment show factors in the campaign trail? What 2020 candidates are talking about this ahead of the debate in Atlanta?”

It’s a good question. He’s basically saying, “Harold, how is this impeachment thing playing with the candidates running for the Democrat nomination?” And here’s his answer…

FORD: By Wednesday evening I think we’re gonna have a very strong sense. I think by Wednesday evening, and perhaps Friday afternoon after the ambassador comes forward, we’re gonna have a much better sense of Nancy Pelosi, who I think has been the most mature of all the politicians in D.C. around this issue, ‘cause I don’t think she really wanted to do this. But, if she does not feel that Democrats can have a sound vote, bipartisan vote, and maybe even move to the Senate with a chance to remove the president, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t pull this in the next several days, if this first week does not go well.

RUSH: Now, my friends, he’s the only guy that I could find alluding to this. But he’s probably by no means the only guy thinking about it. He’s the only guy that said it. By the way, yesterday was a bomb. He said, “I think by Wednesday evening, and perhaps Friday afternoon after the ambassador comes forward,” that would be Sondland, “we’re gonna have a much better sense,” well, Yovanovitch, “of Nancy Pelosi, who I … don’t think she really wanted to do this.

“But, if she does not feel that Democrats can have a sound vote, bipartisan vote,” if they’re not gonna succeed in a conviction in the Senate, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t pull this…” You go back to her own words in the sound bite we just played (impression), “I don’t know that! We don’t even — we haven’t made a decision to impeach.” Can I give you another indication? This story just ran (well, it’s been up for a couple hours) on Yahoo News. Headline: “U.S. House Speaker Seeks to Pass Mexico, Canada Trade Pact This Year.”

Wait. What? So the day after, the day after…? Do you know what’s striking my friends? All of my staff thinks I’m making way too big a deal out of the lack of media coverage on yesterday’s impeachment hearings. They all think I’m stepping too deep in it, and I love I’m the only guy that gets it. I love being… After 30 years, they still think I’m misreading this. They think I’ve gone too deep into this, that the Democrats have some sneaky plan they’re gonna unveil tomorrow and I’m gonna end up being embarrassed. I’m the guy who said they’re gonna try that.

The Kavanaugh approach: As everything they try bombs out, they’ve got something waiting in the wings. Anyway, here we are: The day after. I cannot tell you how much was riding on yesterday. They know they don’t have two weeks to make this case. They knew they had the first hour. That’s what makes yesterday so astounding to me. They knew they had to put everything they had, the best they had into the first hour, otherwise they’re gonna lose the audience. The audience is not gonna wait for a story to take two weeks to be told here.

They want to know it tomorrow. They’ve been expecting it. They’ve promised! The Democrats have been promising everybody they’ve got the goods on Trump for three years. Yesterday, the cascade was to begin — and the knew the first hour was it. If they didn’t grab people and hold ’em in the first hour, it’s over, and they didn’t. Those two dryballs? They may be perfectly fine public servants, they may be perfect for what they do, but they are not captivating. They are, by definition, behind-the-scenes people. They are by definition.

We’re never supposed to know what they do. They become the public face of this? And when they were asked point-blank, “Can either of you tell me what the impeachable offense in the phone call was?” Crickets. Dead silence. So here we are, the day after — the day after the big reveal, the day after the opening day of impeachment hearings — and what does Pelosi do? She announces that the intention of Democrat caucus is to pass the Mexico and Canada trade bill this year. What? What?

Exactly. Another data point, that Pelosi sees the Democrats are in a bad position. Pelosi knows that she is in a position of weakness here. She knows that the Democrat presidential candidates are in a tight spot. So after yesterday’s disaster, Pelosi announces that the top item on the agenda for the House Democrats is to pass the Canada-Mexico trade fact this year. Folks, she needs something to change the subject. She needs something to change the subject that her so-called moderates can run on in 2020, because right now… She hornswoggled all those people who got elected in 2018 from Trump districts.

She hornswoggled them into voting for Schiff’s impeachment, and it bombed out yesterday, and so now she’s got to do something to give those people something to run on other than impeachment because they’re not gonna be able to succeed doing that. So here she comes. (impression) “Guess what we Democrats are for? We want to pass the Canada-Mexico trade pact!” Whoever heard of this starting today, yesterday? (interruption) My staff still thinks I’m wrong. I can tell by it looks on their faces.

My staff still thinks I’m overemphasizing this, but I am not. In fact… Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want Pelosi to cancel this. I’m not trying to talk her into wiping it out. I want her to continue. If the president has done something horrific, I — as an American citizen — want to know. I want Pelosi to keep at this. I want her to not cave. I want her to keep going. Let Schiff continue to call his witnesses. (interruption) Now the staff is really looking at me in a strange way.

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