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RUSH: Susan from Carson City, Nevada. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, so much. What an honor. Our family just loves you. I have a kind of three-part question, actually. Looking ahead five years from now, after President Trump’s second term, I’m wondering, Rush, if you think it’s inevitable that a Democrat will totally unravel and destroy everything good that Donald Trump has done for America and the world. And what might Trump do or already be doing to kind of keep it all more permanent?

RUSH: It’s actually a good question. I’ll tell you why it’s a good question, because Trump has been able to unravel much of what Obama did. If you ever asked yourself why, let me tell you why. The reason Trump has been able to unravel much of what Obama did is because much of what Obama did was via executive order, not via legislation, not via treaty.

It’s really tough to unravel legislation. That becomes statutory law. But presidential executive orders… Like intending… There was no official signatory to the Paris accord. There was no official vote. Nobody signed an Iran deal. It was easy to cancel those things.

But look at the trouble Trump had in trying to get rid of Obamacare. We still haven’t fully done it because it was legislation. So the answer to your question is, Trump’s trade deals, you’re worried about the Democrats unraveling it, if he can make sanctioned, authorized trade deals, then the Democrats are going to have to undo existing trade deals like Trump had to undo NAFTA and redo it. That’s how you do it. Best case.


RUSH: Here is Matt in New Milford, Connecticut. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. You are like the godfather of the modern conservative movement. I love your show.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: You’re welcome. I just wanted to make a comment and then hear what you had to say about it. Basically, the reason that they are trying to impeach Trump is because lots of people say they can’t accept the election of 2016. But I think it’s something different. I think that these people, these Washington lifer bureaucrats, lifers in the House like Schiff and Pelosi, they are failures. They failed this country and the American people rose up in 2016 and elected Donald Trump because their way, the status quo, failed.

In this Ukraine situation, Trump is throwing the status quo away, out the door. They can’t stand it because they’ve rigged the status quo to line their own pockets and benefit themselves. So they got to get him out of there. And they are trying their hardest and they’re gonna find anybody who has been a lifer to back them up on it. It’s really about them not being able to admit that they have failed the country and they are failures in their career. Thanks, Rush. I’ll listen to what you have to say.

RUSH: Thank you very much. That is very shrewd. I think there’s part of that that’s right on the money. I don’t think these people can possibly admit their failures. I don’t think these people have the humility. I don’t think they judge success and failure the way you and I do. In fact, I know that they don’t.

How in the world could you, for example, say that our existing immigration policy is a success? How could you say that the existing trade policy with China is a success? And yet the people who did it think that they are brilliant, and they think that it is state of the art, and that they think it is a proper representation of American interests.

It’s kind of like defining “smart.” There’s a lot of really ignorant people in terms of common sense who think they are brilliant. And, look, the part of them that you nailed is there is an existing system. The entire establishment — and this is human nature. By the way, we talk about the deep state, do you know that your town council has a deep state? These bureaucracies exist everywhere. Let’s take a look at your town. Let’s say you elect a mayor, and let’s say that your mayor has a city council. You elect the mayor. You get a city council. But those people all have staff, and the staff has been there before these people that have been elected, and they are going to be there after the elected people are gone.

The mayor will serve four years, eight years. People working in the mayor’s office are going to be there 20 years. So even as tiny in comparison your city government has its own version of what is being called a deep state, and that is people who are unelected in the zoning department – do you know, I’ve lived in places where there is a town organization where you have to get approval to use a certain color paint on your house. You have to run architectural plans by a bunch of bureaucrats who are never elected, and they get their jollies telling people what they can’t do.

They’ve got their system set up. They personally benefit from it. By the time you start talking federal arrangements like this, we’re talking about networking where you get your kids into college, and you get your kids’ jobs out of college, either on Wall Street or in government, whatever, and this whole little system here has been in existence for I don’t know how long. And everybody — and I mean everybody — before Trump came along, recognized the existence and acknowledged it.

Look at what happened to George Bush and weapons of mass destruction. Can I bring this up? Based on what we know now about how elements of the intelligence community have been running this coup, elements of the intelligence community from the National Security Council, the state department, the military, go back and think about weapons of mass destruction. Who was it that assured everybody there were Saddam Hussein weapons of mass destruction? Why, it was the intelligence community.

I will bet you — and I don’t know. I’m just idly speculating here (which is dangerous, I know). But I bet you there were Democrats and lifers in that community who were livid after the Florida recount and after the Supreme Court shut down the recount, livid that Al Gore didn’t win. Livid bunch of career leftists. They are all over the place, just livid, just hating George W. Bush. We know they hated George W. Bush. We know the media. We know the Democrat Party. Who’s to say that there isn’t this kind of sabotage going on?

Look at Lois Lerner and the IRS. So the caller is right. This network of people exists, and anybody that’s going to come in and up-end it and challenge it like Donald Trump is, is going to become archenemy number one, and this person is going to try to be destroyed, rendered ineffective. So I don’t think it’s so much that people like Adam Schiff know that as Democrat members of Congress they have failed and that Trump has come in and is showing himself to be a big success.

I think it’s more that Trump in their world has the potential to upend. They think life is wired, folks. How else to put it? Life is wired. Their kids’ futures are guaranteed. Their futures are guaranteed. Their kids’ admission to whatever university, guaranteed. If they play ball. If they play the game the right way. If they follow the accepted norms. Now, here comes some outside ogre who is not interested. He is merit based. This is why I’m sympathetic to the caller’s theory: Merit based is big enemy to bureaucracy.

Merit based is a huge, huge problem for process and systems-oriented people, because merit has nothing to do with whether they keep their job. Merit has nothing to do with whether they get promotions. Merit has nothing to do with it. It’s other things. Trump comes in and looks at Ukraine, this is a mess, he says. These people are screwing this up left and right. I got to change this. I got to change that. I’m going to change the way we’re doing this. I’m going to change the way we deal with immigration. I’m gonna change the way we deal with the ChiComs.

And these people who spent their careers and their families before them spent their careers putting this system in place, this order, feel abjectly threatened. And so the way they go about protecting themselves is to claim that Trump represents an existential threat to norms and to channels, and to the way it’s always been done. But that’s exactly what he was elected to do. He was elected to shake all this up. People are tired of not being listened to.

They are tired of being told they live in a representative republic and they get tired of being told during campaigns that this is going to happen if we win and their candidate wins and nothing ever happens. There was a large protest vote. And rather than the establishment getting the message and realizing, “You know what? We better change.”

They don’t acknowledge the will of the people. That’s not part of the deal. The will of the people? That’s a myth. That’s what the people think. We really run this country. We run foreign policy. People don’t know enough about it. Their elections can’t possibly be informed. This is the attitude. It’s not one of failure. They are not capable of thinking of themselves as failures. They have no humility.

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