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RUSH: This is Steve Castor. I mentioned this also in the previous hour, but I want you to actually hear it: Vindman admitting that in his opinion Hunter Biden had no qualifications for being on this board of Burisma.

CASTOR: We talked a little bit at your deposition about whether Mr. Biden was qualified to serve on this board. And I believe you acknowledged, that apparently, he was not, in fact, qualified?

VINDMAN: As far as I can tell, he — he didn’t seem to be.

RUSH: Now, Steve Castor is the Republican counsel who starts off in a plodding, slow way, appears to look, eh, not sharp — and then he ends up zeroing in on these people and nailing them. So Vindman — who, as far as the Democrats have portrayed, is an expert and is unassailable, and you can’t criticize him. Vindman has said, “As far as I can tell,” Hunter Biden was not qualified to serve on the board. But keep in mind that Vindman also said that he didn’t know anything about Biden and the prosecutor being fired to protect Biden’s kid.

These people are so all over the ballpark. Elise Stefanik is a star of these hearings. She is a New York congresswoman. She is fabulous. She’s just been doing a bang-up job. She is fearless. She been going on after Schiff and has forced Schiff into a position of being mean to the girl — which, of course, Democrats supposedly never are. She gets both witnesses to say that Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma had the potential for conflict of interest. Number 30.

STEFANIK: Every witness who has testified and has been asked this has answered yes. Do you agree that Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma has the potential for the appearance of a conflict of interest?

VINDMAN: Certainly the potential, yes.

STEFANIK: And Ms. Williams?


RUSH: Okay. So this has not been a good day for Biden. I don’t care what anybody says, it has not been a good day for Biden, because the Democrat opponents running against him for the nomination now have info (if they want to use it) that does not come from Republicans. It comes from these independent, unassailable witnesses, that there had to be a conflict. Biden’s vice president.

His son is on the board of Burisma. He’s being paid $83,000 a month. His dad got a prosecutor looking into it fired. None of these people cared, though. None of these people cared. These people who are so outraged over what Trump did in delaying assistance.

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