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RUSH: Democrats’ big donors have been grumbling about the uninspiring Democrat presidential field. The top tier of candidates — Biden, Sanders, Warren, Mayor Pete — are all cringe-worthy, a bunch of dry balls,  for a whole host of reasons. Those on the bottom tier are even worse.

Now Deval Patrick has thrown his hat into the ring, and Michael Bloomberg is expected to do so. So, these supposedly “centrist moderates” should be the answer the big donors are looking for, right?

Well, not so fast. Washington Post columnist David Byler says neither Patrick or Bloomberg are the “disrupters” that high-roller Democrats are looking for. He says they probably won’t be able to build a winning campaign infrastructure because they jumped in so late.

But the problem’s not just lateness. The truth is, these two candidates are just as lame as the lame candidates already running.

So Mr. Byler lists some Democrats that could disrupt things: Michelle (My Belle) Obama – who doesn’t need infrastructure, because she’s Michelle O. The One. Hillary Clinton — warts and all — would still be stronger than Deval Patrick or Michael Bloomberg (to this guy). She would at least shake things up. And Byler lists another name that we all know:

Algore! Yeah, the single-issue, climate-change candidate, but even he’d be better than the current crop, according to this guy.

What does all this tell you? They’ve got nobody! They literally have nobody and they know it.

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