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Nov 20, 2019


Breitbart: Amb. Gordon Sondland Testifies in Impeachment Hearing
Politico: Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire. Kiev Officials Are Scrambling To Make Amends With The President-Elect After Quietly Working to Boost Clinton – 01.11.17
New York Times: Joe Biden Lectures Ukraine – 12.12.15
Daily Caller: ‘Looks Like An Inside Job’: Former National Security Official Says Impeachment Is Manufactured By Permanent Washington
AFP: US Envoy Says Followed Trump Orders in Ukraine ‘Quid Pro Quo’
Daily Caller: Everything You Missed From The Third Day Of Public Impeachment Hearings – Highlights
Reuters: U.S. diplomat Sondland says he followed president’s orders on Ukraine
AP: Witness: Worked with Giuliani at Trump’s ‘Express Direction’
Daily Caller: Devin Nunes Lists 10 Most ‘Asinine’ Trump Conspiracy Theories Pushed By Democrats
New York Post: Why Dems Are So Worried After Latest Round of Impeachment Hearings – Michael Goodwin
FOXNews: Schiff Games Trump Impeachment Show – In Legitimate Proceedings, You Can’t Have It Both Ways – Andrew McCarthy
Breitbart: Report: FBI Wants to Interview the Whistleblower
Daily Wire: Ambassador Sondland Strikes At Democrats’ Impeachment Narrative: Trump Told Me He Wanted ‘No Quid Pro Quo’
Willamette Week: Congressman Earl Blumenauer Tweets: “Gordon Sondland, Welcome to the Resistance”
Breitbart: Gordon Sondland: ‘President Trump Never Told Me Aid Was Conditioned’ on Investigations
Daily Wire: Rep Mike Turner Gets Witness To Admit Bombshell, Debunks CNN Headline In Real Time
New York Post: Barr Accuses Liberal ‘Resistance’ of Trying to ‘Sabotage’ Trump


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