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RUSH: Adam Schiff has bombed so big. This has been such a bomb. It hasn’t moved public opinion.

Let me give you some details on this. “Trump Now Beating Democrats in Wisconsin as Support for Impeachment Plummets — You’ve heard it said a million times: the presidential election is not about one race, but 50 different races,” state elections. That’s true. And one of those races, at least, has been turned on its head despite a week of the most relentless negative media coverage of the president yet seen.

“In the pivotal swing state of Wisconsin, Donald Trump leads the top four Democratic presidential contenders by three to eight points. The significance is that the same poll released in October had Trump trailing all those candidates badly.” It’s being reported in the Washington Times; it’s being reported in Politico — and in fact, it’s true. Back in October, the media was highlighting this poll. Trump losing to four different Democrat nominees, potential nominees in Wisconsin.

Today he’s up between three and eight points. He’s up between three and eight points during the most intense we-hate-Trump campaign yet, that Trump should be impeached for … what? Demanding an investigation of the Bidens and withholding…? People don’t even know what for. “Trump Approval Ticks up Amid Impeachment Battle.” This is the Gallup poll. “Forty-three percent of respondents supported Trump’s performance, two percentage points more than the end of October.”

It’s yet another poll where Trump has increased his level of support in the midst of impeachment hearings or inquiry, whatever. “Wisconsin voters oppose impeachment and removal by 53 to 40%.” Not only is Trump up three to eight points over pick your Democrat, Wisconsin voters oppose impeachment 53 to 40. That is a 13% margin. Marquette Law poll. “The Morning Consult poll shows there has been a 10-point drop among independents for impeachment in two weeks,” and the Gallup poll, as I just pointed out, Trump approval is up two points.

All while Adam Schiff and Pelosi have been running the last two weeks of, “This is it for Donald Trump,” where only yesterday Republican analysts on Fox were suggesting that we’re near the day where Republican senators will be walking up to the White House to tell Trump to resign, all because of Gordon Sondland — and by the way, the leftists’ protests and harassment of Sondland continue at his wife’s real estate properties in Oregon.

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