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RUSH: There’s some economic news I want to share with you here because, do you realize economic news doesn’t make the cut anymore? Unemployment news, new jobs, doesn’t make the cut. Original reporting is presented with a blah. The news today is unexpected.

“U.S. consumer sentiment unexpectedly rose in November, according to data released Friday by the University of Michigan. The university’s index of consumer sentiment climbed to 96.8 from 95.5 last month.” The numbers don’t mean anything. The trend is what’s important here.

“Economists polled by Dow Jones expected consumer sentiment to dip,” meaning they expected you to be less excited about consuming, less excited about engaging in commerce. The Dow Jones experts thought that you would be depressed and down in the dumps because of impeachment. Instead, consumer sentiment is way up. In fact, it has continued its second best streak in history. People 45 and under have huge expectations, economic expectations for next year.

In other words, people are looking forward with eager anticipation to the future economically. No wonder it doesn’t get reported. U.S. manufacturing hit a seven-month high and a 10-month high in output. Now, these are releases of economic news that no longer get reported, no longer get covered, no longer get explained because they all are traditional indications of the success of a presidency because they indicate the economic vitality of a country.

And so this good economic news is being ignored and suppressed by the media as though it doesn’t even exist.

Instead, CNN and MSNBC are giving us steady diets of deep state bureaucrats, former CIA directors, and celebratory Democrats slapping each other on the back over the impeachment hearings.

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