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RUSH: Left-wing labor unrest is not news. And left-wing activism against corporations is not news, especially in California. But when left-wing Google is the corporation that’s having left-wing labor problems, why, it’s entertaining news.

About 100 employees organized a rally at Google’s San Francisco offices last Friday to support two colleagues that Google suspended for violating company policies.

One employee is being investigated for allegedly accessing and disseminating confidential documents. The other was put on indefinite leave after reportedly tracking staff calendars, which made the staffers “feel unsafe,” according to Google.

But the protesters say that Google is lying. They accuse Google of retaliation because the two suspended employees are “worker activists.” Both were involved in agitating against Google for cooperating with Customs and Border Protection, and for supposed “hate speech” on YouTube, which Google owns.

The protesters, who apparently believe they run the company, are demanding that the two suspended activists be reinstated right now. They’re accusing Google of using “brute force intimidation” to silence dissent, which is a little ironic given how conservative voices are routinely silenced on social media platforms like Google.

But that aside, I have a question. Will this left-wing company cave to these radical left-wing political activists? Or will Google remind them that if they’re so unhappy at work, that they’re free to leave and die.

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