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RUSH: Last week, the Howard County, Maryland, school board held a vote on a massive school busing program. And the liberals who run the school board put on quite a show.

Now the busing plan calls for 5,000 students to be forced out of their neighborhood schools and bused to faraway locations in order to “balance poverty.” Howard County residents are overwhelmingly opposed to the program, but did that stop the liberals on the school board? Nah. Here’s what happened:

As the school board voted on the plan, the deciding vote was cast by board member Kirsten Coombs. She voted no, which should have killed it.

But the other board members quickly called for a recess. They took Ms. Coombs into a back room “to consider the impact of the failure of that last motion.” When they reemerged, Ms. Coombs was crying. Another vote was called, and this time Ms. Coombs voted yes. The forced-busing plan passed.

Now, a number of the immigrants in the audience at that meeting were upset. They said watching this vote unfold reminded them of how things were done in the communist countries they fled, and it gave them horrible flashbacks of totalitarian regimes.

Who can argue with that? If it walks like a communist, talks like a commie, and intimidates like a commie, well, it is — It’s gotta be. It’s a liberal, in our vernacular.

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