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RUSH: On Monday, the Amazon Prime/Washington Post ran an op-ed by a Never-Trumper titled: “For Aiding Trump’s Abuse of Power, the Republican Party Deserves to Be Voted out of Existence.”

It doesn’t matter who wrote it; I’m not going to mention the name. He said that the GOP “sold its soul” to President Trump. The author lists a bunch of grievances going back to the 2016 campaign. It’s the same complaints we’ve heard over and over for three years, like: How dare Trump criticize John McCain!

Well, here’s the truth, which Never-Trumpers will never understand. Before Trump was elected, the Republican Party didn’t have much of a “soul” to sell, because it has been run by sellouts, for the most part, for a lot of years.

For decades, establishment “conservatives” like this guy promised the Republican base the world. So conservative voters went to the polls to elect Republican. But year after year, they were betrayed. Think about all the promises these guys made that they never even fought for, from rolling back regulations, to fixing our immigration system, to getting rid of Obamacare. We got zip!

President Trump has earned his 90%-plus approval rating from the Republican base because is doing what he promised to do. It’s simple: he fights back against the left and against you swamp-dwelling, deep-state, establishment Republicans.

That is why President Trump has become the soul of the party, unlike the soulless, Never-Trump sellouts — who we wonder now if they ever were really on our side.

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