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Nov 26, 2019


Daily Caller: Schiff Plans To Send Impeachment Report To House Judiciary After Thanksgiving
CNN Poll: No change in views on impeachment after public hearings
Spectator: The Pod Delusion. Why I Hate All Podcasts — Even the Ones I Like – Matt Labash
UK Guardian: Monday Night Football: the Once Great NFL Show is Now the Worst on Television – Oliver Connolly
Washington Post: For Aiding Trump’s Abuse of Power, the GOP Deserves to be Voted Out of Existence
Daily Caller: Swing State Democrat Brenda Lawrence Flips On Impeachment As Public Grows Wary, Then Flips Back
Breitbart: Democrat Brenda Lawrence Backtracks on Impeachment: ‘I Don’t See the Value of Taking Him Out of Office’
Reuters: On Trump Impeachment, Divisions Between Urban and Rural Democrats
American Greatness: Trump’s Disruptive Energy vs. the Deep State – Roger Kimball
Daily Wire: Trump Awards Hero Dog Conan For Role In Tracking ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
NewsBusters: CNN, MSNBC Refuse to Carry Live WH Event for Conan the Dog from the Baghdadi Raid
Washington Examiner: Obama to 2020 Democrat: Biden “Really Doesn’t Have It”
Washington Times: Americans Sour on Impeachment, More Now Oppose Ousting Trump: Poll
NewsBusters: This is CNN: Trump a ‘Destructive Cult’ Leader Using ‘Mind Control’ on Supporters
Daily Wire: Washington Post: ‘Obama Is A Conservative’
The Hill: House Judiciary Committee to Hold First Impeachment Hearing Dec. 4


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