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RUSH: Christiansburg, Virginia. Hi, James. You’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos. I’ll get right to the point. The Democrats in the media are making a big mistake, because it wasn’t because we loved Trump that we voted for Trump. It was because we hated what they’d done to the country and how they separated us and what they’ve done to the economy. And once Trump was in and managed to do miracles with the economy, of course we’re gonna stay with Trump. But they’ve never apologized for what they did, and they’ve never tried to come out and make it right.

RUSH: You mean apologize to you?

CALLER: Well, to me and every other American that suffered under a terrible economy under Obama and that suffered under Obamacare that was passed through at Christmastime —

RUSH: Wait a minute. That wasn’t suffering. That was “the new normal.”

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: That’s what you didn’t understand. It was supposed to be the new normal, and you were supposed to be thanking God you had somebody like Obama to manage it for you.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I know. I hear you. They wanted everybody to believe America’s glory days were in the past, and couldn’t be replicated because the glory days were not really legitimate. They were fueled and built on racism and homophobia and bigotry and sexism and all of that stuff. And so America finally had to pay the bill for all the civil rights abuses and all the segregation, all the racism, all the bigotry and all that, and so the economy? Those jobs are not coming back. Obama promised people, “Those jobs aren’t coming back. This is the new normal. We need to manage the decline.”

But, you know, you raised a very good point that goes without saying. There were a lot of people that voted for Trump that were not enamored of Trump. A lot of people were. Don’t misunderstand. But the point of this is that the movement — if you want to call it that –h the opposition to this idea that America’s best days are behind us, that America should have open borders, that America’s experiment is basically failed and we need to join the rest of the world whatever it’s doing? People were fed up with that, and Trump came along and voiced the opposition that millions of Americans felt, and so they glommed onto it.

Now, what has happened is, that moved existed before Trump. This is not to take anything away from Trump. He’s the only one who saw it and capitalized on it. There’s not a single other Republican that saw this. They had to be blind to miss this. An entire political party waiting to be built and formed on the premise of opposing the left. Donald Trump’s the guy that came along and did It — and in the process, he has converted a lot of people who back in 2016 didn’t particularly care for him to now rabid, loyal supporters because he’s it, in terms of the resistance to it.

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