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RUSH: Portland, Maine. This is Paul. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I think I heard in your peroration, your initial lead-up to this, that we have facts on our side and most people are not that stupid to buy into the illogical, fake things that they’re saying about Trump. And unfortunately, I’m not as hopeful as you, because I’ve seen a track record of rewriting the history books. I think the left will rewrite the history books and Trump will ultimately be remembered as a stupid, evil, inept, illegitimate president —

RUSH: At some stage of the history books that will be true, but I think there’s also gonna be a period of time where Trump is gonna be mentioned in the top-10 all-time greatest presidents ever, at a certain stage of American history. The winners write history, and we don’t know who’s gonna win this yet. I think Trump’s gonna get reelected. I think the Democrats are in the process of imploding.

Now, what does imploding mean? I don’t think they’re self-destructing. I mean that their objectives are imploding. I think when you heard me say that the left is not succeeding ’cause they don’t have facts on their side, I’m talking about the immediate things right in front of us. I’m talking about the fact in 1988 the media had a news monopoly and they could literally destroy anybody they chose to on a moment’s notice, without much effort. Because there wasn’t any pushback.

There wasn’t any alternative media. If this were 19 — let’s say everything is the same — well, it wouldn’t be the same ’cause Trump wouldn’t have gotten elected if it was prior to 2016. So, you know, the hypothetical game is a toughie, but let me still manufacture a hypothetical anyway. If there was no so-called alternative media, Trump would have been destroyed in the first six months of his presidency. They would have succeeded in getting rid of him.

If there was no counter to the New York Times lies and fake quotes and made up garbage from the so-called intelligence community about Trump being a Russian agent, if there had been no pushback — my only point is not too long ago, the effort that they have mounted to get rid of Donald Trump would have succeeded in less than six months. They have failed in three years. Four now if you count the campaign. And they are frustrated to no end by it.

And I believe that a certain percentage of the motivation these people use every day to do their job is they’re still trying to prove to themselves they can do this. They’re still trying to prove to themselves that they are the primary organizers of public opinion. They aren’t anymore. They have a lot of ammo. They fire it. But they haven’t defeated Trump yet. And in several key policy areas, he is running rings around them.

If you look at the U.S. economy, if you look at jobs and wages, any number of things. And let me get to these polls. This is just phenomenal. And believe me, do not think the Democrats are not aware of this. We now have three new polls, Trump’s approval rating among black voters has quadrupled. This has never happened in our lifetimes. A white Republican president has never had the approval rating in the African-American or Hispanic communities that Donald Trump has.

Among many things, it means that the media’s efforts to propagandize and indoctrinate people into automatically hating Donald Trump isn’t succeeding. They’ve already got their base that believes the New York Times are Democrats and loyalists, and those people don’t have to be persuaded, they automatically hate anybody who’s a Republican.

But who in their right mind would have ever believed that any Republican would have come along and gotten these approval rating numbers in the African-American community? Rasmussen, 34.5%, Emerson, 34%, now Marist is out. Rasmussen, the left doesn’t accept it. They think it’s tainted Republican. But Emerson and Marist are gold standard left-wing polls, accepted. Thirty-four and 33% approval, African-American approval of Donald Trump.

It’s things like this poll that tell me that the Democrats and the media are failing. How can this be? With all the hatred, with all of the negative. I mean, in all news coverage the percentage of it that is even neutral to Trump is less than eight. Ninety-two of all coverage of Donald Trump is oppressively, insultingly negative. And yet his approval numbers in the African-American community have quadrupled. And don’t doubt me when I tell you Democrats have noticed this and are panicked by it.

And if they lose, if this manifests itself as something like a 10% drop in African-American support for a Democrat presidential candidate, it’s over. Say sayonara. If Trump could get 10 to 12 to 15% of the black vote, it’s over for the Democrats. And don’t think that they don’t know it.

Now, Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow, Hoover Institution, said the trend indicated by the polls is devastating for the Democrats. Even 20% African-American support for Trump would all but dismantle Democrat Party presidential hopes for 2020. Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election with 88% of the black vote. That was a six-point falloff from Obama, who had 92%.

She lost six. If that becomes 20 — and these polled indicate — three different polls now. All I’m telling you is, Paul, the Democrats are not automatically able to win everything they’re trying to do. They’re failing, in fact. Now, history books are a different matter. I’m talking about the chronicling of current events and the attempt to shape public opinion. They are bombing out. All they’re able to do is reinforce the already existing hatred in their base. But they are not able to expand it.

Trump’s approval numbers have not fallen during all of this. In fact, they’ve ticked up. And they’re probably higher than what the polls indicate because people lie to pollsters and don’t want the hassle of having to deal with pollsters that they think might disagree with them. And there’s still a lot of fear of violence that Trump supporters feel, so they’re not totally honest with strangers and unknowns, even if it is an online poll, an anonymous phone call, they’ll still, some of them, hold back. Taking what they think is a safe option of saying they support Democrats or don’t like Trump or what have you.

And I don’t think we should be frightened to accept victory when it’s happening, even in small bites and small stages. The Drive-Bys have been thought of as invincible and unbeatable for all of these years, and they always have been beatable, otherwise Republicans wouldn’t have won. Best evidence, though, is Trump surviving everything they’ve thrown at him and triumphing over it. They are the ones at their wits’ end.

But I’m telling you, they have no facts. They’ve got absolutely no substantive reality as the foundation for anything they’re doing. It’s got to implode. You can’t build a house on nothing. You can’t build a house on balsa wood. You can fake it for a while, but everything about the construction is also fake. And everything the Democrats have done here, they are fake news. They are Fake Media. They are fake everything.

They are nothing but a series of lies that are sourced from fellow liars like anonymous intelligence community and former government officials. Not one of those lies has ever panned out. Not one claim. There’s not one bit of evidence that supports anything they have done. It has to implode on them. I think it’s in the process of happening even as we speak.

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