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RUSH: Last May, Georgia Clark sent President Trump some tweets, which she thought were private.

She complained that the Fort Worth, Texas high school where she taught English had been taken over by illegal immigrants from Mexico. She said the drug dealers in the school were not being punished, and that certain students were being shielded from prosecution. And she begged the president to clean up the mess.

Now, she didn’t realize that her tweets were public. Even though she had an unblemished record as an excellent teacher since 1998, Ms. Clark was fired.

Last week, the state education commissioner ruled that Ms. Clark should be reinstated, with back pay. An independent examiner said her tweets were statements from a citizen on a matter of public concern, protected by the Constitution. In other words, they are free speech.

The Fort Worth Independent School District is appealing the ruling. They want Clark gone, free speech be damned! They say her departure is in the best interests, of course, of the children.

So what’s the lesson? To the Fort Worth education establishment, speech rights of an American citizen don’t matter a hill of beans. Because this teacher dared to ask her president to enforce the law, and because she criticized illegal immigration in her school, she must be banished from the classroom.

It’s liberal education in a nutshell, which basically is, “Shut up until we tell you you can speak, and what to say.”

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