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RUSH: The Trump campaign has put out a statement on Bloomberg News. You know, Bloomberg has decided they’re not gonna cover the Democrat primary. They’re not gonna cover the Democrat debates. They’re not gonna cover the Democrat campaign because their founder, Michael Doomberg, is one of them. And so to be fair, Bloomberg News has announced they’re not going to cover, they’re not going to investigate, they’re not gonna do anything on the Democrat side. They will continue to cover and investigate Trump, but nothing on the Democrat side.

So the Trump campaign put out a statement. Since Bloomberg has “declared their bias openly, the Trump campaign will no longer credential representatives of Bloomberg News for rallies or other campaign events.” That’s from Brad Parscale, who’s the Trump campaign manager. I think the White House ought to do the same thing. I mean, if Bloomberg is gonna openly declare, “Hey, look, our guy’s running and he’s a Democrat so no Democrat reporting is gonna occur here. We don’t want to be accused of favoritism so we’re not gonna cover anything happening on the Democrat side.”

You know, Doomberg has already spent more than a lot of Democrats have raised, and it isn’t going to matter. I’m telling you right now Michael Bloomberg will never be elected president. I can say it with nearly ontological certitude. I mean, I would never say slam dunk ’cause the weirdest things can possibly happen, but I just don’t see it. And it has nothing to do with policy. It has nothing to do with party. It has nothing to do with the idiocy that this guy thinks in. It has nothing to do with it. Other factors will be determining.

Anyway, this is gonna shake up the Drive-Bys. And I think the White House ought to do the same thing. Just stop credentialing anybody from Bloomberg, since they’ve openly said that they’re not gonna cover Democrats, good or bad, because to do so would be perceived as unfair one way or the other since their founder is in the race.

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