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RUSH: Here’s another example of how the Drive-By Media — and not just the Drive-Bys. Everybody. So Hillary Clinton gets interviewed yesterday, and it’s all anybody in the media’s talking about because they’re fascinated with Hillary Clinton. “Is Hillary Clinton gonna run? Oh, my God! Hillary Clinton’s gonna get back in! Oh! Oh!” Nobody cares. Let me tell you something. I’ll give you two reasons, two names, two words why Hillary Clinton is not gonna get the Democrat nomination.



This guy’s about to bring down the British monarchy. She thinks that she’s gonna survive that? She and her husband practically lived at Epstein’s ranch and on his jet. But, man, official Washington, “Oh, my God. Is Hillary gonna get in? Ohhhh, what…” Hillary Clinton is the last person the Democrats want to get in this race. They’re already ticked off that when Kamala Harris got out, that their field now appears to be too white. Who made their field too white?

Democrat voters. Democrat voters shunned the African-Amer…. Well, she’s not even African-American. Jamaican, whatever she is. But Gayle King at CBS is all concerned that Kamala Harris’ voters did not automatically go over to Cory Booker. (wailing) “Yeah, we don’t have any diversity left.” Well, who made that happen? (chuckling) Democrat voters did not support Kamala Harris. Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party… Don’t misunderstand, folks. I think it would be fabulous for Trump. It would be fabulous for everybody.

But it’s just the tunnel vision that people in the media have, their inability to see the big picture. None of them, it seems — none of them — can avoid the trap of conventional wisdom.

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