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RUSH: Rudy’s on Ukraine the way to Ukraine. You’ve gotta love this. Rudy is on the way to Ukraine, and he is trying to further this — whatever’s going on, Rudy is one of Trump’s lawyers, he’s over there in Ukraine and they’re beside themselves with it, they can’t understand, it’s crazy for Rudy to do this.

Here’s James Clapper on CNN. The question he got from the fill-in host Jim Sciutto, “Ukraine’s crawling with corrupt politicians with axes to grind with Russia, people in the employ of Russia. These are the kind of folks Rudy Giuliani seems to be meeting with, the president’s personal attorney. Is it likely he’s getting played by these Ukrainians, Mr. Clapper?”

CLAPPER: It appears to me that there’s a single-minded determination to either continue to try to get dirt on the Bidens and or substantiate the proposition that it was Ukraine that interfered in the election of 2016 or some combination thereof. It would appear that he is committed to this no matter the risk. And so, in the case of Giuliani and his forays into the Ukraine, which is penetrated by the Russians, there’s all of kinds of opportunity here for mischief, to feed him misinformation. Again, there’s lots of possibilities here for them to do something nefarious.

RUSH: (laughing) So Rudy’s over in Ukraine, and the Russians could be involved. Folks, I can’t help but laugh at these people, they’re so damn pathetic. They’re going back to Russia for this impeachment stuff ’cause they can’t get over the fact they weren’t able to get rid of Trump using it. We’re listening to the actual perpetrators of this silent coup and this hoax, trying to cast aspersions on Rudy.

(imitating Clapper) “Rudy is always over there in Ukraine, obviously penetrated by the Russians, all kinds of opportunity mischief, feeding misinformation. (mumbling) Can’t believe we haven’t gotten rid of these guys yet, but give us time, give us time and we’ll have these guys on the flagpole. Talk to Brennan about it, Comey, we’re still working hard on it. I can’t believe these guys keep going to Ukraine. For crying out loud, they ought to be afraid to go to Ukraine.”

I’m just laughing myself silly here with these people.

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