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RUSH: Last Tuesday, Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren introduced a bill in the Senate to “protect” part-time workers from the greedy companies that hire them for seasonal work, like the Christmas season.

Senator Warren accuses companies of taking advantage of part-time workers to jack up profits. She says these evil business owners assign their part-time workers to “unpredictable work schedules,” and create all kind of hardships for part-timers. Fauxcahontas has a plan for that: she wants it to stop.

Her bill would force big companies to offer their existing employees more hours before they hire anyone new. Fauxcahontas would also force companies to give their part-timers the right to participate in pension plans and to make part-timers eligible for family and medical leave.

Now, this is all left-wing drivel, from a woman who clearly doesn’t have a clue how businesses operate. Forcing companies to adopt her plan that would give part-timers company pensions as well as family and medical leave would mean the death of all those part-time jobs!

Businesses don’t hire part-timers to punish people. They hire part-timers because they need extra help for a little time. The executives of successful companies actually know what they’re doing, and are held to account by shareholders. Unlike socialist senators, who make stupid plans that never work, that punish success, and that always kill jobs and somehow seem to keep getting reelected.

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