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Dec 5, 2019


CNBC: Pelosi Directs House Democrats To Proceed With Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump
Mediaite: Trump Challenges ‘Do Nothing Democrats’: ‘If You Are Going to Impeach Me, Do it Now, Fast’
Daily Wire: White House Highlights NYT Bias In Coverage Of Impeachment Hearings
National Review: Schiff’s Report Will Not Attract New Impeachment Supporters – Andrew McCarthy
New York Post: Nancy Pelosi Tells Sinclair Reporter James Rosen: ‘Don’t Mess With Me!’
RealClearPolitics: Pelosi Snaps At Reporter Who Asked If She “Hates The President”
Breitbart: Democrat Impeachment Scholar Pamela Karlan Too Left-Wing for Obama’s Supreme Court
National Review: Moderate Dems Urge Party Not to Include Info from Mueller Report in Impeachment Articles
CNSNews: Turley: ‘The Current Legal Case for Impeachment Is Not Just Woefully Inadequate, But … Dangerous’
SaraCarter.com: Email Calls On GW Law Deans To Remove Prof. Turley After Hearing Testimony
Washington Monthly: What the Heck Happened to Jonathan Turley?
Washington Examiner: ‘Not How An American President Should Be Impeached’: GOP Witness Jonathan Turley to Launch Trump Defense
Breitbart: GOP Roasts Democrats for Calling ‘Most Elitist, Unhinged Anti-Trump Professors in America’ as Witnesses
The Hill: Booker: It’s A Problem To Have More Billionaires Than Black People Left In Democratic Primary
Breitbart: House Judiciary Committee: Next Impeachment Hearing on Same Day as IG Report
Reason: Kamala Harris 2020 Staffer Says She Never Saw Campaign Staff Treated ‘So Poorly’
New York Post: Hillary Clinton Drops Biggest Hint Yet That She’s Mulling a 2020 Presidential Run
NBC: Biden Calls Iowa Voter Who Pushed Him On Ukraine ‘A Damn Liar,’ Challenges Him To Push-Up Contest
Wall Street Journal: Schiff’s Surveillance State. The Democrat Demands, And Then Discloses, The Call Logs Of His Opponents
Washington Examiner: ‘Abuse Of Power’: Republicans Say Adam Schiff Smeared Devin Nunes And Reporter John Solomon
Washington Examiner: Obamas Drop Nearly $12M on Posh Martha’s Vineyard Estate
CNBC: Hedge Fund Billionaire Buys Florida Mansion for $111 Million, Setting State Record
The Hill: Buttigieg Picks Up Endorsements From 3 Obama Administration Officials
Breitbart: Impeachment Star Witness Pamela Karlan Forced to ‘Apologize’ for Mocking Barron Trump
Breitbart: Report: Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine to Interview Prosecutor Joe Biden Pushed Out
Washington Examiner: Melania Trump Says Impeachment Witness ‘Should Be Ashamed’ for Citing Son Barron


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