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RUSH: Oakland, California, Melanie, welcome. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush, what a great honor. You know, you always say the Republicans have jobs, and they don’t have time to march the streets and protest or anything. Well, you know, Rush, it’s time. I am livid over this. I love this president, and I love my country. And we need to show the world, in force, on the National Mall that all of us, most of us disagree with this. We did it for health care. We did it for civil rights. We did it for major things. This is major. We’re losing our country. Republicans, conservatives, everybody. We’ve got to show up on Washington and show this president we care.

RUSH: Well, you know, this has happened. There were two or three of these types of things that you’re talking about while Obama was president.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Now, they were protest in nature. You’re actually asking for something that would — it’s protesting the Democrats, but it’s actually supportive of Trump. That’s your —

CALLER: No, it’s supportive. You know, we get out there, we don’t make messes like you always say. Let’s bring music, let’s bring food, let’s have hot dog stands, let’s show this president that we care.

RUSH: I think it would be great if people did this. But, you know, you look at the Democrats doing this, and they have succeeded in a giant misconception. These rallies, these protests are always portrayed as spontaneous and organic and thus legitimately born of disgust or hatred or anger at Trump.

Remember after Trump announced the travel ban, there were literally millions of Democrats showing up at airports, women wearing vagina hats all over major cities at airports, people protesting, and of course the media reports it as purely organic. They want us to believe that this is legitimately a bunch of millions of Americans that were minding their own business until Trump announced the travel ban, and that was it, and they had to stop what they were doing and had to go to the airport and protest.

And nothing about that is real. All of those people are organized. Every one of these things. Those protests, the people in them had been given orders to lay in wait. They were to be given the marching orders whenever the organizers decided something was worth showing up for. And the travel ban was it. They are not organic. They are not legitimate. They are all, in many cases, bought and paid for. But even those that aren’t are organized and sponsored.

CALLER: Well, when we did the whole Tea Party thing, I was part of that, it was, you know, spontaneous. We just — you know, this is it, we gotta go.

RUSH: That was.

CALLER: And we did.

RUSH: Exactly, and it scared the hell out of ’em.

CALLER: Right. And when Mark Levin said we gotta get out there for health care, we did it. And we’ve gotta do it. I mean, this is just insanity. I live in Oakland. I got my Rush gear, I got my Betsy Ross shirt, I got my hat. I went to the inauguration. I flew from California to the inauguration, and they wouldn’t let me in because they were holding back the crowd. That’s why Trump’s — you know, there were more people than anything, ’cause they were outside of the mall.

RUSH: Wait a minute.

CALLER: Wouldn’t let ’em in.

RUSH: You said you had some Betsy Ross gear?

CALLER: Oh, yeah. I’ve got it, Rush. But I can’t wear it anywhere. I wear it in my backyard, I wear it in my bathroom —

RUSH: What do you mean you can’t wear it anywhere? Because you’ll be attacked?

CALLER: Absolutely. And I have been attacked, verbally, not by wearing things, but I said something privately on the street to my mother and I was verbally attacked by someone overhearing my conversation.

RUSH: Well, I don’t doubt it. You’re a very brave woman.

CALLER: I can’t wear my gear, but I wear it and I’ve given to Wounded Warriors and the Tunnel to Towers, your Betsy Ross. I mean, we’ve got it all. And we love it. I want to wear it to the rally. I want to wear it to protest — not to protest, but to support this president in Washington.

RUSH: Well, he does a lot of rallies. Have you been to one of his rallies?

CALLER: I actually went to one here in San Jose before he became president, and I was attacked there, too, but it was fabulous.

RUSH: Oh, yes. I remember that one.

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: That was almost criminal —

CALLER: I bought stuff and I had to hide it under my jacket and run to my car and then I couldn’t get to my car because it was blocked off. I had to sit in a bar, thank God, and get drunk until, you know, I was able to leave. It was terrible. It was terrible.

RUSH: You sound to me like you really enjoy life.

CALLER: I do. I have a good life, Rush. But I’m actually getting out of California. I bought land in another state, and I’m gonna get out because I’m so furious. This is craziness. There’s so much hate.

RUSH: Tell me.

CALLER: I hate the hate.

RUSH: You’re surrounded by it and it’s irrational.

CALLER: It’s so sad. It is. It’s so sad that this country is going through this hateful time. And this man is only trying to do good for this country.

RUSH: Well, where you gonna go, if you leave California, where you gonna go?

CALLER: Well, I can’t say ’cause the people that I’m going with are like, “Don’t tell anybody else, don’t tell anybody!”

RUSH: (laughing) “I can’t say, I can’t say.”

CALLER: Yes, on national radio, I cannot tell anybody where I’m going, but I’m going to a red state, that’s for sure.

RUSH: You know, the Raiders are going to Oakland.

CALLER: No, they’re going to Las Vegas. They’re in Oakland.

RUSH: That’s right, they’re leaving Oakland. Going to Las Vegas, exactly right. You tempted to go to Las Vegas?

CALLER: I don’t want to correct you, Rush.

RUSH: It doesn’t happen very much. I can take it. I’m not like Plugs. I’m not gonna challenge you to an IQ test.

CALLER: But we do have to march, Rush. How can we do that? We’ve gotta —

RUSH: You know, your Tea Party example is a good one. All of that was organic. They were so paranoid about it they had to go out and create Occupy Wall Street to counter it. And the Republican Party blew a golden opportunity to help be remade with the Tea Party. That’s another story.

You know, the conservatives and the Republicans and the protest march, it’s just so, so infrequent. It really is part of the Democrat Party identity. But I’m telling you, none of it is spontaneous or very little. I mean, the big ones are all sponsored. They’re all orchestrated. They are planned. And many of the people that go are paid, particularly of the leaders.

And then the media covers it as something other than what it is. They cover it as naturally sprung, spontaneous and organic, born of genuine outrage and of presidential policy. None of it happens to be true. So, look, I hear your frustration and I totally understand. It’d be great if it happened.

But, for example, if I were to say today, “Folks, meet me on the Washington Mall at high noon on Sunday,” gobs and gobs of people would and the media would say none of this is real, Limbaugh organized it, Limbaugh set it up, these people are so stupid they don’t even know why they’re here. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Melanie. I truly do.

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