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RUSH: Rod in Galveston, Texas. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush. Hi.


CALLER: I heard you the very first day you were on KFBK. At the time, I was a flaming liberal. I was against Reagan. But you converted me.

RUSH: That was October. That was in October. It might have been the 10th of October, 1984.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. They had Morton Downey Jr. the day before, and he had referred to an Asian as a “Ch–k.” They fired him and they hired you.

RUSH: Well, now, wait. Oh, gee! That’s exactly right. Morton Downey Jr. There was a city councilman named Tom… I forget his last name, and Downey used that name, and the councilman was offended, and Downey refused to apologize. So they fired him, and they brought me in and I was hired to replace Downey.


RUSH: Sheesh.

CALLER: When I first heard you —

RUSH: Way to go there, Rod. That’s really… (laughing)

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: You might be fired as a caller now. I might have some explaining to do why you got away with that. Anyway, you’ve become a convert now. You didn’t like Reagan but now you do? Is that the point?

CALLER: Oh, yeah, that and, you know, today I look at this impeachment joke. I mean, now it’s starting to turn back on ’em because it’s exposing the Clintons and Bidens.

RUSH: You know, that’s something. That is so right. The Bidens and the Clintons are being exposed in all of this, unintentionally. Anyway, that’s Rod in Galveston, formerly of Sacramento, who is an expert in the Morton Downey Jr. firing at KFBK of which I had NOTHING to do with.

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