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RUSH: I wanted to call your attention, we just ran a spot for a movie opening today. It’s on 200 screens nationwide. It’s from MJM Entertainment Group. It’s called No Safe Spaces, and it is a chilling, chilling exposé of the left’s assault on free speech and freedom and political correctness and the violence attached to it.

It is designed to awaken people to the actual intentions of people you may think are just Democrats or they may just be liberals. The people that this movie exposes and the actual events that it highlights are chilling. It’s at college campuses, at work. So keep a sharp eye if this movie is anywhere near where you live, a theater. It’s not The Mandalorian. It’s not Star Wars. It’s none of that. It’s a serious attempt at exposing the rot permeating our culture. It’s called No Safe Spaces.

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