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RUSH: Kamala Harris is out as a presidential contender, Russian agent Tulsi Gabbard took her out. Now the media is searching for something she did that mattered.

So Politico came up with: “A Kamala Harris town hall meeting in August 2017 is reverberating in the Democratic presidential race to this day.” They say she created “the most consequential moment of the 2020 primary.”

That’s when Senator Harris announced she’d co-sponsor the “Medicaid-For-All” bill. She blew the name: It was Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare-For-All” plan.

But Politico says Harris’s announcement “set off a mad scramble” in the Senate. A week later, Elizabeth Warren signed on to support Sanders’ bill. Within days, Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker joined the fray.

That supposedly started the Democrat field’s competition for Biggest Leftist. At the time, it looked like the socialists had a real chance to deliver a knockout punch to the Democrat party’s old guard.

Today, Fauxcahontas’s numbers are dropping like a tomahawk. Cory Booker’s campaign is circling the drain. Gillibrand long gone. And even though the media calls Harris’s defunct campaign “consequential,” the Democrats’ embrace of socialism happened long before she came along. Way before.

She just glommed onto an idea from the old white socialist, Bernie Sanders, who at least got the Medicare-For-All name right. Kamala Harris’ entire campaign was a gigantic dud. She contributed nothing “consequential” at all until she got out! Turning the whole race into nothing but a bunch of rich white guys.

Nobody’s happy about that, except us. Hehehe.

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