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RUSH: There is a sound bite from Michael Doomberg. Grab sound bite number 31, CNN the international today. The program is called Amanpour. That’s hosted by Christiane Amanpour. And she says to Doomberg, “One of the reasons you jumped in is because you think right now Trump is winning.”

BLOOMBERG: I think Trump is getting stronger, and I think he would just eat alive the candidates, because they don’t have plans that I think are practical, that can be implemented.

RUSH: He’s talking about Medicare for All. He’s talking about their immigration plans. Did you hear what Elizabeth Warren said the other day? She may not have said it the other day, but it was revealed that she said it. I had it in the Stack of Stuff yesterday or the day before and didn’t get to it. But it was something that I have always known that these people think, and I have shared it with you in the past.

Somebody asked, “Medicare for All. Have you seen what your plan’s gonna cost? It’s gonna cost upwards of trillions of dollars.” And her answer was, “There’s always gonna be the money. The money is always there.” How much it costs is not even relevant to her because the money is always there. There was also a story that she made something like $2 million doing something in real estate or whatever it was while trying to portray herself as an average pauper member of the middle class. But the money is always there. And that’s exactly what the left believes.

There is no budget. There is no deficit. There is no finite amount of money. We just always find what we need. We either print it or we tax it or we confiscate it some other way or we borrow it, but there’s always the money. There’s no concept of budgetary limits when socialists are in play.

But, see, it’s always somebody else’s money. These people believe that they can tax and tax and tax and loot and loot and loot and people are just gonna sit here and remain taxed and taxed and taxed and looted and looted.

Let me tell you something: There are more uber-wealthy Californians either leaving that state or making plans to leave that state than you would believe. I just learned of one of the most prominent Californians — Americans. You would all know the name. I am sworn to secrecy on this because the guy doesn’t want to be followed. But he is pulling up stakes, leaving California. He loves the place. He’s got multiple homes there. He can’t take it anymore.

I’m telling you, they’re starting to drive people out — and these are the people who even their tax rates being what they are, can still afford to stay there. They just finally have reached their limit. I reached mine back in 1997 in New York. But… (impression) “It’s always going to be there. The money’s always gonna be there. Other people’s money is always gonna be there. The rich will always be the rich and the rich will always have the money no matter what we do to them.”

Abject ignorance.

Anyway, Bloomberg is suggesting these people don’t have a clue how to get elected; the ideas they have don’t relate to anything the American people really want — and he’s absolutely right.

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