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Dec 10, 2019


Breitbart: Whitewashed IG Report Still Exposes James Comey as a Dirty Cop
Daily Caller: DOJ Watchdog Puts Final Nail In Steele Dossier’s Coffin
New York Post: House Democrats’ Evidence for Articles of Impeachment Against Trump
Daily Wire: Democrats Filing Two Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump, No Longer Pursuing Bribery, Report Says
Wall Street Journal: A Trail of FBI Abuse. The Horowitz Report Confirms that the Bureau Deceived FISA Judges with the Steele Dossier
FOXBusiness: Historic USMCA Deal is Much Better than NAFTA: Pelosi
American Greatness: IG Report Reveals Comey Did Brief Obama on Trump Campaign Investigation
Washington Examiner: FBI Lawyer Under Criminal Investigation Altered Document to Say Carter Page ‘Was Not a Source’ for Another Agency
Breitbart: Report: Democrats Drop ‘Bribery,’ Mueller Report from Articles of Impeachment
NBC: Barr Thinks FBI May Have Acted in ‘Bad Faith’ in Probing Trump Campaign’s Links to Russia
FOXNews: Former DOJ Official: Durham’s Reaction to IG Report Means ‘He’s Got the Goods on Somebody’
American Greatness: The Legacy of Low-Bar Impeachment – Victor Davis Hanson
Washington Free Beacon: Warren Pressed on Spending: ‘There’s Always Money’
Politico: Small Group of Democrats Floats Censure Instead of Impeachment
Washington Examiner: Michael Horowitz Found Intense Bias Against Trump in the FBI: He Just Refused to Call it That
CNN: Bloomberg Says Trump Would ‘Eat Alive’ the Current Democratic Field
Breitbart: Lisa Page Sues DOJ, FBI for ‘Leaking My Messages to the Press’


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