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RUSH: Both of these next sound bites are from Bret Baier’s interview with Comey on April 26, 2018, on the Fox News Channel Special Report with Bret Baier. If you remember, Comey was 15 minutes late for this interview. Claimed he got hung up in traffic or his driver didn’t know where he was going or some such thing. So in the first bite, Bret Baier says, “When did you learn that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign had funded Christopher Steele’s work?” The dossier.

COMEY: I still don’t know that for a fact.

BAIER: What do you mean?

COMEY: I’ve only seen it in the media. I never knew exactly which Democrats had funded — I knew if it was funded first by Republicans —

BAIER: But that’s not true.

COMEY: I’m sorry?

BAIER: That’s not true.

RUSH: That’s not true. Not true. The Hillary Clinton campaign — this guy wouldn’t even admit it. “Well, I knew it was funded by some Democrats.” He knew it was bogus. He knew it was garbage. He knew he was untrue, and he knew it came from Hillary. And Baier called him out on it.

Now, his referral here to the Republicans, this was a trick that they used all during this period of time. Some Republican candidate — I forget who it was — hired Fusion GPS to do something during the Republican campaign and ended up firing them. And then when Fusion GPS is involved with Steele and the dossier on the Democrat side, that’s when people like Comey came forward (imitating Comey), “Fusion GPS, they were Republican operatives. They came to us very late in the game.”

Fusion GPS is Glenn Simpson and Nellie Ohr and Bruce Ohr and this was made clear by Lindsey Graham today. He made clear that Fusion GPS — Lee Smith has made it clear in his book — Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, they’re the actual authors of the dossier.

And then there was a sub-source, somebody else that was talking about Trump at a bar that ends up — those stories, somebody talking in a bar, end up in the dossier. The point is Comey knew that, and he’s lying to Bret Baier. Now, the next bite from the same interview are Baier and Comey talking about the dossier.

BAIER: You called the dossier unverified, salacious. Why did you use that to the FISA court to ask for surveillance for Carter Page?

COMEY: That’s not my recollection, Bret. And I don’t know that the FISA application has been released. My recollection was it was part of a broader mosaic of facts that were laid before the FISA judge to obtain a FISA warrant.

RUSH: Horowitz has confirmed that the dossier was it. The dossier was the only thing. Without the dossier, there would not have been any FISA warrants. The FISA court was totally misled. And Lindsey Graham said today, what are we gonna do about this? Do we shut down the FISA court? It’s been totally discredited. It’s been illustrated to be useless. You can lie to these judges.

The FBI lied to the FISA court. They presented a bogus, garbage document called the Steele dossier, and then a couple of emails written to support it were altered by a guy named Clinesmith, a lawyer in the FBI office. And the FISA judge that heard the case rubber-stamped it, said fine three additional times. The warrant to spy on Page was renewed three times.

Keep in mind there’s no bias driving any of this, ladies and gentlemen, except Horowitz has alluded now that when you get to this stage, the FISA court, the FISA warrant application, it gets a little murky, Senator, it gets a little murky. There wasn’t any bias in the beginning. No bias at the beginning? You know, they’re sticking to their Papadopoulos story, and they’re not gonna drop this. And I knew this gonna be the case when I saw this sleazebag McCabe on CNN fired from the FBI for lying and a number of other things.

By the way, lying to the FBI can get you in jail. Ask Martha Stewart, right? Well, the FBI lied to the FISA court. So what the hell should happen to the FBI? What the hell should happen to Clinesmith? What the hell should happen to Comey? What the hell should happen to all these people? They lied willingly, knowingly, brazenly to a court.

Now, you lie to them, and they’re gonna put you in jail for six months if you’ve done nothing else, all you did was lie to their investigators, you are toast, dude. But they get to lie to the FISA court? They get to alter emails? All while we are being told that there wasn’t any bias. I don’t think Trump ever even met Papadopoulos at the time Papadopoulos is supposed to have told the Australian — do you know that Horowitz wouldn’t even identify the Australian ambassador as the guy Papadopoulos was talking to today? “Well, I think we must respect the confidentiality of a friendly foreign source.”

We all know who it is. It’s the ambassador from Australia. So they’re sticking with this story that Papadopoulos is over in London bragging about the fact that the Trump campaign knows the Russians have dirt on Hillary. And they’re sticking with that as their justifiable reason for opening the investigation. Yeah, well, that is, as we have shared with you countless times, and I’m not gonna go through it again, don’t worry, it is so bogus, they didn’t even interview Papadopoulos. That happened in July? They didn’t even interview Papadopoulos until the next January. If he was the pretext and the cause for Crossfire Hurricane starting, why did they wait six months to interview him?

I think this all is so thin, it’s pathetic. And they’re so overplaying, “There wasn’t any bias, there wasn’t any documentary, there wasn’t any testimonial bias” that they’ve got everybody asking, “Okay, you keep saying this. Why?”

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