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RUSH: I love this. Matt Gaetz from Florida just did a riff on how the Democrats are facing defections about how they’re losing voters and about how they’re losing support and they are in the process of beginning to panic while the Republicans remain united, which they are.

Folks, don’t doubt me on this. I’m telling you, there is heap big trouble. If you watch carefully enough, you can hear the evidence of it. Grab sound bite number 4. This is a montage on CNN, some of their people and guests panicking, wondering if the Democrats are getting cold feet.

JOHN BERMAN: A growing handful of Democrats could be getting cold feet.

RACHAEL BADE: The moderates’ freakout or the cold feet.

JOHN BERMAN: In the House, Democrats getting cold feet.

ROBIN MEADE: There’s a handful of Democrats that might be getting cold feet. Cold feet in what way?

WOLF BLITZER: The Democrats have a potential problem here in that they may lose two, they may lose four, they may lose six Democrats, they may even lose a few more. It could be a little bit awkward.

DAVID GREGORY: It could be awkward.

RUSH: Could be a little awkward. Now, CNN’s doing this to try to tell the Democrats, “Don’t you dare get cold feet.” They’re warning them. Don’t think that CNN’s reporting on this. Oh, no. CNN is trying to scare these people. You better not be getting cold feet. They’re trying to shame them. But the fact of the matter is it can’t be denied. It’s going backwards. They’re gonna be underwater on this before long, the longer this springs out.

And it’s not just this that is pressuring a lot of Democrats in the House. Let me share with you a tweet from Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale. “Pelosi’s sham, partisan impeachment will cost her caucus members their careers. Two more campaign polls, NM & PA. Freshman Dem in NM in trouble in state we eye as Trump pickup in 2020. Longtime Dem in PA underwater on impeachment.”

So Parscale is tweeting out that their polling, the Trump campaign polling in swing districts is showing Democrats underwater. But there’s something else going on. These same Democrats that feel pressured by Pelosi to vote for impeachment when they don’t want to, these same Democrats are being squeezed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her pack. She is trying to recruit far leftist wackos to run against these moderates in the House in upcoming primaries.

So these 32, 24, whatever the number is, whatever this number of moderate Democrats that really don’t want to vote for impeachment are being squeezed. They’re being squeezed by Pelosi and they’re being squeezed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They’re under threat of being primaried by a bunch of far-left wackos. So what do they do? They’re caught.

And in his rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, this week Trump flat-out said we have to get rid of the Democrats because they are all crazy, and he pledged to work like crazy to flip the House. He worked like crazy to stop the bloodletting in the midterms in 2018. There are 55 Republicans who retired, who kind of sealed their fate.

So these moderate Democrats are now getting squeezed. They’re getting squeezed on the impeachment battle, they’re being squeezed privately, nobody knows, except people in the district by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her little pack out there trying to recruit as many Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Juniors as they can to run against these people. Because she’s not happy. She’s not happy the way Pelosi’s running it. She’s not happy there’s only two articles of impeachment. They want 20.

In fact, folks, they want Trump strung up and shot at dawn tomorrow, or hanged tomorrow. And two articles of impeachment don’t cut it. So the Democrats are not carrying the day with this no matter how you are being made to believe or influenced by watching the Drive-Bys.


RUSH: Hey, you moderates in the House Trump districts worried what to do here to save your seat, I can help.

You know how you get out of this mess? Vote Trump. Announce your support for Trump in your district. Stave off the Pelosi Democrats and stave off Cortez. Support Trump, you win.


RUSH: Dennis in Grove, Oklahoma. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Well, thank you. I just wanted to simply say that I don’t think any of the Democrats that are in the Republican districts are ever going to be reelected, whether they vote for it or whether they don’t, they’re just wasting their time. They have already dug their own grave. And the reason is is because Nancy Pelosi would end up being in charge again.

RUSH: But one thing. These are not Republican districts. They are Democrat districts that Trump won big in 2016. These Democrats won in 2018 when Trump wasn’t on the ballot. They’re Democrat districts. Therefore, the vulnerability is Trump’s gonna be on the ballot in 2020, and he’s gonna be popular still, and the same people are gonna come out and vote for him, and so their fear is that this massive Trump presidential turnout is going to overwhelm and force them to lose.

These are not Republican districts that Democrats won. These are Democrat districts that Trump won, and he wasn’t on the ballot in the midterms, so the Democrats took those districts back for the House. There are 31 of them, and it is they who are leading the charge with Pelosi who are asking for essentially to be let out of the impeachment vote. They don’t want to vote against Trump because he’s gonna be so overwhelmingly popular again. But your point’s still well taken.

CALLER: I don’t think that it makes any difference whether it was a Democrat district, if Trump took it in the first place, they’re not gonna let those Democrats that are helping to cause chaos across this nation anymore. I don’t think that if they voted for impeachment or against it, I think they’ve already signed —

RUSH: Yeah, you know, this is a good point. But that’s not the way they think. The way they think is that, okay, yeah, they’ve been part of the impeachment proceedings up to now, but when the metal hits the road, pedal hits the road, petal hits the metal, whatever it is, when that happens, they believe that if they vote against impeaching Trump that they will be safe for reelection in 2020. Your point is, since they have been perceived as being part of this from the get-go they’re in trouble no matter what they do. Right?

CALLER: Yeah. That’s exactly what I believe.

RUSH: Well, as I say, there’s one thing they could do to save themselves. Come out and support Trump.

CALLER: I think it’d be better if they retired.

RUSH: Okay, yeah. I’m looking at it from — that’s our perspective. Get rid of as many of ‘em as possible. I’m looking as it from their area of concern. They want to save their seats. They just were elected in 2018. They’re gonna be finishing their first terms. They want to stay presumably. It takes a few years to become a multimillionaire in Congress. Can’t do it in your first term, so they gotta hang in there. They want to win.

If they’re perceived to be anti-Trump in a Trump district, they got trouble. I’m just saying come out and support Trump. They’d never do it, but I’m telling you, that’s the way out of the predicament because as I told you they’re being squeezed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who’s trying to round up a bunch of wacko leftists like herself to primary these people.

So over here they’ve got the pressure of being perceived as anti-Trump, and over here they’ve got the pressure of being perceived as not leftist enough. The way out of it for ’em is to support Trump and start that by voting “no” on impeachment when the full House votes.

And, by the way, I’m gonna stick with this. You know, we ran Operation Chaos from right here in this studio. Remember what Operation Chaos was, folks? They made a movie about it starring George Clooney. It was called The Ides of March. This is how worried they are about what happens on this program. This was the Obama-Hillary primary, 2008.

McCain had already wrapped up the nomination. There was no drama on the Republican side. And we weren’t happy about that. We were not happy about McCain winning the nomination, to be honest, we weren’t happy about it. But there still wasn’t anything to talk about because it was done.

As you recall, Rudy bowed out early, and what’s his name, Romney didn’t last long and everybody fell by the wayside, but there was still drama, which we like. I mean, we like having drama to talk about in this program. But if Obama was on the way to winning his nomination early, that would end the drama there.

So this program urged Republicans to register as Democrats in remaining Democrat primary states and to vote for Hillary to keep that campaign alive. And people did it. And Hillary actually won a couple of states that Democrat consultants begrudgingly blamed on Operation Chaos.

So I offer assistance to Democrats in the House from Trump districts who are feeling squeezed, being forced to vote for impeachment when they don’t want to, and being primaried potentially by wacko leftists sponsored by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The solution? Do not vote for impeachment of Donald Trump and become supporters of Trump.

It’s your district. If Trump is gonna win your district — and he is — and if you want to keep your seat in the House, then that’s your ticket. That’s your insurance policy. That’s how you stave off Cortez. That’s how you stave off the pressure from Pelosi. Will they do it? Highly doubtful. But it will be fun making the suggestion somewhat often. Don’t worry. Not gonna overdo it.

Grab audio sound bite number 26. This is Dana Bash, CNN this afternoon special coverage. There’s nothing special about their coverage. Their coverage is dull and boring and consistent. CNN didn’t cover one word Lindsey Graham said yesterday. CNN bumped out of practically, not all, but practically every Republican senator questioning Horowitz yesterday.

By the way, why do you think they did that? It wasn’t just CNN. ABC, NBC, CBS, they all dropped coverage when Lindsey Graham made his opening statement, when Ted Cruz came along, was asking questions, when Mike Lee, they dropped out, why do you think they did that? I know the early answer is, “Bias, Rush.”

Well, yeah, it’s partly bias. But there’s another reason. There’s another substantive reason. Had they stayed with Lindsey Graham’s opening statement, had they stayed with the questioning from Senator Cruz and Mike Lee, Senator Kennedy and some others, their audiences would have heard things they’ve never heard. They would have heard things about the dossier they don’t know. They would have heard things about this FBI investigation that was fraudulent and filled with lies that they have never been told.

Put simply, CNN could not allow for their viewers to learn how they have been lied to. CBS, ABC, NBC, ditto. They could not allow their viewers to see how they’ve been misrepresented, how they’ve been lied to, how they have doctored the news. I’ll guarantee you, nine out of 10 CNN viewers think the dossier’s real. Nine out of 10 CNN viewers have no idea Hillary Clinton created it, bought and paid for it, and that it was all made up of lies.

CNN, using that as an example, they just couldn’t afford for their viewers to find out about the half ass journalism job they’ve been doing. It was as much that as it is the acknowledged bias of lying about Republicans and conservatives or, alternatively, not covering them.

Anyway, Dana Bash, CNN’s special coverage, this was during a recess in the Round Mound of the Gavel’s hearings today, Wolf Blitzer asks her a question. He says, “Matt Gaetz was saying that the Democrats ought to be nervous now because there are a bunch of Democrats from districts that Trump won in 2016 that don’t want this to go on. They want to focus on other issues. They’re afraid they might not get reelected if impeachment’s a big issue right now.” He said the Republicans are unified. The Democrats are increasingly a bit split.

Now, I said this yesterday. Matt Gaetz repeated it today. This is news to Wolf Blitzer. This is the stark thing. This is news to these people. In the world they live in, the Democrats are totally unified. Everybody on the left is unified. Everybody hates Trump, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, they all hate Trump. Now they’ve learned that there’s some moderate Democrats that are not happy about it? There might have been some rumors about it, but I’m telling you, they live in an alternate universe where they simply do not subject themselves to anything other than what they are reporting and what they believe.

So Wolf is kind of in a panic. “What about these Democrats, Dana, that don’t want this impeachment? What about that?”

BASH: He’s right about that on the raw politics of it. The moderate Democrats didn’t want to do this in the first place. They understood that coming from Trump districts — and there are 31 House Democrats who beat Republicans and gave the Democrats the majority that allowed the majority to even be in the place where they are right now, picking up impeachment. And they want to talk about prescription drugs. They want to talk about other things.

RUSH: CNN not happy with the way this is going. And, by the way, this is just more evidence to add on to the fact that everything they’ve done is backfiring on them. They’ve thrown everything they’ve got, they’ve used every bit of persuasion, their objective has been to drive a wedge between Trump and his voters, separate Trump and his voters, break that bond. And it’s going the other way.

It’s Pelosi who’s losing votes. It’s Pelosi who’s losing supporters, not Trump. And they’re beside themselves. This is the last thing they thought would happen. They thought going into Mueller that they would be able to get rid of Trump on that alone. Nothing has worked. And now thankfully and finally it’s starting to backfire.


RUSH: Here’s quickly Ron in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I’m thinking there’s an Arlen Specter out there somewhere on the Democrat side, whether the House or the Senate. These guys got really easy jobs, brother, and it’s pretty cushy. And I’m thinking Nancy Pelosi might be afraid of that happening. That’s my personal opinion. You can tell me what you think.

RUSH: Well, I think something like that is more a tantalizing hope. I don’t know of a prominent — Arlen Specter was a prominent Republican in the Senate who bailed. I don’t know that there’s a single prominent Democrat anywhere who is going to switch parties to undermine this impeachment effort or this overall effort to get Trump thrown out of office. You know, Democrats, they like their kneecaps. And they like their lungs functioning, and their eyes. And they want to be able to spend their money.

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