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RUSH: You probably missed this, because it happened under the radar, but let me tell you about it. I pay attention to this stuff so you don’t have to. There was a California-Quebec climate summit on Wednesday.

That’s right, Governor Newsom and Premier François Legault, met in Sacramento to “Trump-proof” their climate pact. They both think their mini-treaty could become a model for other states and provinces.

The California-Quebec climate treaty connects Quebec’s cap-and-trade program to California’s cap-and-trade program. Newsom and Legault are looking for other ways to coordinate their climate change ideas to get out from under the official policies of their national governments.

The Trump Administration is already suing California for stupid stunts like this on the grounds that the state is illegally trying to seize foreign policy power. The U.S. Constitution grants those powers to the president, not to a rogue Democrat governor like Gavin Newsom. Now, he may think that California is a nation-within-a-nation, but it isn’t, at least not yet.

Liberal governors aren’t content to keep their bad policies within their own state borders. No, they want to spread them all over the place. They want to corrupt everything. Now we’ve got Governor Newsom making fake treaties with other countries’ provinces, pretending to create his own foreign policy.

As the left keeps pushing this kind of resistance, sooner or later it’s gotta come to a head. And if the words in the Constitution still mean what they say, it will not be a happy head that the Democrats find themselves on, or in.

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