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Dec 12, 2019


Breitbart: Massive Media Fail as Poll of Polls Prove Trump’s More Popular than Obama
CNN: McConnell Will Move To Acquit Trump If He’s Impeached, Not Merely Dismiss Charges, 2 Republican Senators Say
TIME: Exclusive: Top Ukraine Official Andriy Yermak Casts Doubt on Key Impeachment Testimony
HotAir: Cruz To Horowitz: Did An FBI Attorney Defraud The FISA Court? Horowitz: Yup
Chicago Tribune: Horowitz Report Finally Unmasks Adam Schiff. Who’s Going to Call Him Out on His Lies?
National Review: The Obama’s Administration’s FISA Abuse Is a Massive Scandal – David Harsanyi
Daily Wire: When FBI Learned Carter Page Had Been Working With CIA It Ignored That Info To Get Another FISA Warrant
NewsBusters: CNN Carried ONLY 33% of IG Hearing, But 99% of Impeachment Debate
National Review: Is Trump the Only Adult in the Room? – Victor Davis Hanson
Daily Caller: FBI Agent Who Played ‘Significant’ Role In Surveillance Abuse Wore Several Hats In Trump Probe
GatewayPundit: GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Tag-Teams with Jordan to Destroy Democrat Party’s Sham Impeachment Proceedings
GatewayPundit: Jim Jordan Stomps on Democrats During Sham Impeachment Hearing — Diverts to Crooked Democrat Deep State Crimes!
Washington Post: House Democrats Brace for Some Defections Among Moderates on Impeachment of Trump
Washington Free Beacon: TIME Names Whistleblower, Impeachment Witnesses ‘Guardians of the Year’
FOXNEws: Kimberley Strassel: Democrats Drop ‘Quid Pro Quo’ from Impeachment Case to Protect Joe Biden
National Review: ‘Trust Us,’ the Bidens Said
FOXNews: Graham Says He Won’t Call Any Impeachment Witnesses in Senate Committee: ‘It’s a Crock’
Townhall: Democrats Suffer From Premature Adjudication – Derek Hunter
Federalist: The Person Of The Year Is Not Greta Thunberg. It’s The Hong Kong Protester
Daily Wire: ‘Chill Greta, Chill!’ Trump Trolls Greta After Time Names Her ‘Person Of The Year’
Washington Times: Nadler Rejects Republican Demands for Minority Hearing on Impeachment


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