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RUSH: “Latest U.N. Climate Talks Collapsing.”  I first saw this on one of my tech blogs.  They’re devastated.  They’re just devastated!  They really think that we’ve only got 10 years, 10 years and they’re all dead.  They’re dead from something because of climate change, and they’re really mad at that Greta St. Thunberg, whatever her name is. She said… Did you hear what she said?  She said (impression), “Enemies and opponents of climate change need to be lined up against the wall.”  That means for execution.  “They need to be lined up against the wall.”

She started into a tirade against her parents’ generation.  “They’re the ones that ought to be made to stand up against the wall.  They’re the ones destroying the planet.  They’re the ones destroying life for me and my friends, and now we’re gonna have to do it.  It’s not fair.  It’s not…” She’s, by the way, Person of the Year, TIME magazine. So she had to apologize.  She said, “No, no, no. In Sweden, we don’t mean that when we say people need to be lined up against the wall.  It means something else.”  Anyway, the tech blogs are devastated.

“The climate summit in Madrid collapsed Saturday afternoon after marathon negotiations between countries left them more divided than ever on how to fight global warming,” but no, that really wasn’t what divided them.  How to pay for it is what divided them — hee-hee-hee-hee-hee — ’cause it’s always about the money.  Nobody wants to pay anything.  Everybody wants to receive from the United States.  I mean, you realize that’s the purpose for the United Nations for most people around the world?

The United Nations is, essentially, the back pocket of the United States Treasury.  It’s the United Nations that you go to if you want money from America — after blaming America for some catastrophe or some future catastrophe like climate change.  “Diplomats from rich nations, diplomats from emerging nations, and diplomats from the world’s poorest countries…”  I’ve often wondered, how do diplomats from the world’s poorest countries even get to these summits?

First class?

But they’re from the poorest countries!

You mean they’re not riding mules or donkeys or horses to get there?  They’re traveling first class?  These diplomats from the world’s poorest countries are traveling first class, are staying in five-star hotel suites with expense accounts, and they’re from the poorest countries — and they’re worried about climate change destroying them. So they’re showing up, trying to get money from us, ostensibly from the U.N. — and all this collapsed yet again.  What does it mean?  These people are out alternately saying we’ve got 20 years, 10 years, 15 years, 12 years, or it’s over.

If they really believed that, these climate negotiations wouldn’t fall apart. If we were really on the verge of being wiped out by something, this stuff wouldn’t fall apart. The fact that every one of these United Nations climate summits falls apart tells you one thing, and that is it’s not about climate change. No, theoretically it is, but they can’t even agree on what it is and how long we’ve got and who the main culprits are, and they certainly can’t agree on solutions.

Because there’s only one solution, and that’s get money. And of course the rich nations show up at these things saying, “Look, we’re not paying you. If the sea level rise is gonna swallow you, then move. We’re not paying you.” And people like Greta Thunberg get depressed. This is a 12-day summit. A-12-day summit. Latest U.N. climate talks collapsing.

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