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RUSH:  Yes, I’m amped up. I’m amped up.  I have dug deep into this inspector general report.  I’m telling you, if the absolute detail and truth of this — and it’s not complicated. It’s one of my objectives today: Make the complex understandable.  It is not complicated. If people could be made to be well-versed on how outrageous, scandalous, dishonest, whatever it is — unconstitutional, treasonous, whatever label you want to apply — then it would cancel out everything that’s followed.

(griping impression) “Rush, you better be talking about impeachment today.  That’s where this is going.” I am talking about impeachment today.  I’m talking about the entire cabal, the entire effort to discredit and to remove Donald Trump and overturn the 2016 election, which continues to this day — and this impeachment is as bogus as was the Trump-Russia collusion story, the attempt to peddle that.  It’s as made up as the Steele dossier is made up.

There is nothing legitimate.  There is nothing real.  Now, Trump and his people have to deal with it.  They voted articles of impeachment out of the committee.  They’re gonna have a full vote in the House on Wednesday.  But as is always the case, this depends on public opinion, and the Democrats are losing it.  That’s not gonna stop them.  It hasn’t stopped them so far, but it’s the only way they’re gonna get punished — and that’s gonna be at the ballot box, and they are going to take a drubbing.

Even Pencil Neck got protested at his own town hall meeting out in California. (interruption) Yes!  You hadn’t heard that? (chuckles) Well, it’s a good thing I’m here today.  You know, many hosts have already cashed it in for the year, taking extended vacations.  But not I.  In fact, we’re even gonna be here on December 23rd.  I wanted to be here on Christmas Eve, and the staff said, “What are we, Bob Cratchits?”  I said, “Okay, I get it.” Eh, I understand it. I understand it. But we’re gonna be here a week from today. We’re gonna be here all week this week and then next Monday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained its 10,000th point since Donald Trump was elected.  Folks, we have had the stock market go up 10,000 points in three years.  “Well, Rush, that’s just the rich people.  That’s just Wall Street.  That’s just the hedge funds.”  No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  If you have a 401(k), if you have any kind of a savings plan or investment plan — if you have any plan at all — you are invested in the stock market.  You may not even know it.

You may not even know what shares you own, but you’re there, and it matters to you.

The stock market, under Trump, has become unstoppable.  But the point is do you remember shortly after Trump was elected and even beforehand, all of the Never Trumpers and all the experts — conservatives included — predicting the stock market would tank, that we would have an immediate recession.  The simple fact of the matter is that people who have been predicting negative things, frightening things, doom-and-gloom scenarios, do you realize not one of them has been correct or even close?

And, you know, there’s something really fascinating about this all this.  Success is usually infectious.  For example, during the 1980s, the Republican establishment did not like Ronald Reagan, and they did everything they could to prevent him from winning the Republican nomination in ’76, then again in ’80, and they never thought he was gonna beat Jimmy Carter.  They believed all the preelection polls that Reagan was gonna lose, until about two days before the election; then the real polls began to get published.

After Reagan was elected, it was the biggest transformation. Why, all these people that hated Reagan and wanted to be in his administration. They wanted to be in the bright lights that surrounded Ronald Reagan. All of these Republican establishment types that hated his guts wanted to stand in the glow.  By the time the second term came around, they had already put in place their plan to undermine him and to make sure there wasn’t gonna be another conservative Ronald Reagan.

But during those eight years, the Republican establishment wanted to be Reagan’s best buddy.  They wanted to be on every Air Force One trip.  They wanted to be at every Reagan party. They wanted every White House invitation.  With Trump, that is not happening.  We have unparalleled economic success.  We have record-low unemployment — 50-year, record-low unemployment.  We have every economic indicator up and through the roof.  We have African-American unemployment at a record low, Hispanic unemployment at a record low.

African-American job approval for Trump is 34%, ditto Hispanics.  This is an out-of-control success train.  It’s an unstoppable success train.  Where are all the Republicans who want to get on board?  Where are all the Never Trumpers who want to get on board?  They’re not there.  They’re working even harder to undermine Trump.  They’re joining forces with the left and with the Democrats to undermine Trump because this…

Folks, let me tell you something. What Trump has done on the ground in real terms in terms of transforming the American economy… Go back to the years of Obama. What were we all being told?  “This is a new era, an era of decline. We must adjust our expectations!”  “This may be the first generation,” you were told, “that your kids will not do better than you.  This may be a new dawn in America where we have to admit that our best days may be behind us.”

Furthermore, we were told that we deserved this because the previous great days of America might not all be justified because of the inherent racism and bigotry and colonialization and whatever other offenses America had committed along the way to becoming a superpower.  This is what we were told, and the globalists were having a field day, because they were on the way to succeeding in cutting America down to size.

And then along comes this buffoon and starts talking about making America great again, and it resonates with 63 million Americans who want to live in a great country, who understand the potential for all kinds of freedom and liberty and the things that liberty and freedom make possible — and so what’d the critics do?  “That’s just secret code for, ‘We want to go back to slavery.'”  Yep, that’s what the left has said: “Make America Great Again” means we gotta turn the clock back 200 years.

We want to go back to where white, Christian men ran the show.  It was a total lie.  It continues to this day.  It is a gigantic blasphemy on the whole concept of making America great again.  All it means is let’s get back to our founding principles — which, by the way, are the definition of conservatism, and they’ve got nothing to do with racism or bigotry or homophobia or any of that.  They have to do with individual liberty and freedom and the idea that the single citizen is the focus of this country, not the state, not the government.

The citizen and his civil liberties and freedom.

“Well, we can’t have that!”

Donald Trump is doing so much damage, but most of the damage is what you really can’t see and people don’t talk about.  The damage is that Donald Trump is demonstrating that all of this folderol about America’s best days being behind us, about adjusting your economic expectations lower, is all a bunch of garbage.  America can continue to grow. Economic opportunity can continue to expand. Wages can go up. Lifestyles can be improved. Standard of living can rise. Life expectancy can rise. America can still lead in every facet: Technology, military, defense, projection of power.

All of these people prior to Trump, the experts, the know-everythings, are being proven wrong every day. Pick a name: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, every enemy of Trump, every Never Trumper that you can think of, they’re all being proven wrong, and they can’t stand it.

It’s not merely that Trump is implementing the things they have devoted their lives to and they hate him. It’s that he’s doing it when everybody beneath him says it can’t be done anymore. Not only is Trump exposing the existence of the deep state, exposing the existence of the secret cabal that actually think they run things, they’ve been forced out from behind whatever woodwork they were hiding.

They now are openly admitting their own existence. And they are demonstrating what their objectives are, and it’s to reverse all of this that’s happened in the last three years. So Trump’s exposing them and he’s also demonstrating that a conceptual, policy driven return to the founding principles of America actually can work, still does work.

There’s no need to take the word of think tank or academic experts anymore because they have just been nuked by real life. And don’t think they don’t know it. Carly Fiorina was on CNN a moment ago. (imitating Fiorina) “Every Republican has a duty to vote to impeach country. Character is the coin of the realm for me, character, character, character is the foundation from which everything springs, and Donald Trump has no character.”

Carly Fiorina, who has done what? Character? I remember when we tried that against Bill Clinton, remember that, Snerdley? Back in 1992, the campaign, Clinton, we attempted to tell people that this guy is a big mistake because his character sucks. You know what they said to us? We don’t care about the guy’s character as long as the economy’s doing great. In fact, we were kind of wishing we were getting as much as he does.

This attempt to go after character bombed out against Clinton, much to our chagrin and surprise. But we learned from it here at the EIB Network. We learned what a waste of time it is. Besides, how do you define character? If you don’t like somebody that tweets, if you don’t like somebody that talks like a guy now and then, well, then you can say we don’t have any character, but I’ll take the character of Donald Trump over Obama’s any day or James Comey’s or Andrew McCabe’s or John Brennan’s or James Clapper’s. I’ll take Trump’s character any day.

“But, Rush, but, Rush, Trump lies all the time.” Donald Trump is probably one of the most straightforward, honest about what he’s really thinking about things people you’ll ever run into. That’s another thing that bothers them.

So I have some questions. How is it that Robert Mueller and his vaunted staff of Hillary Clinton donors and lawyers, how did they not determine the Steele dossier was garbage? The IG report is out, and it is clear the Steele dossier was made up. It was gossip. Much of it was overheard being repeated as jokes in a bar. It was a fraudulent, it was phony, it was used to get FISA warrant applications four times. It’s an abject series of lies.

How come Mueller and his staff weren’t able to find that? Without the Steele dossier, there would never have been any warrants, and without those warrants the Trump campaign would have never been spied on. Without that they wouldn’t have been able to plant all these supposed allegations made by anonymous sources in the intelligence community and elsewhere. It seems like a simple place to start.

If you’re Mueller and you’re gonna do an investigation, you want to find out what’s up here, how do you not discover what the Steele dossier was? How do you not discover who paid for it? How do you not discover how phony it was and how it was used, how do you not discover the FISA court was lied to? How come Mueller couldn’t find this out when the IG found it out in a week? Why didn’t Comey’s FBI determine the Steele dossier was garbage at the very beginning? Oops. They did. They used it anyway. They knew it was garbage.

Comey is still out lying saying that he didn’t know that and he thought there were many more materials used in the FISA application than the Steele dossier. He’s lying through his teeth about this. It’s almost like Comey’s good friend Robert Mueller was just another hack trying to run Trump out of office. The real question, why did we all have to wait for the Horowitz report to find out Trump was a victim of abuse of power?

We have to wait three years into this, when Devin Nunes has been documented to be true. He wrote his memo February 2018, FISA report: The dossier compiled by Christopher Steele on behalf of the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign formed an essential part of the Carter Page FISA application. Devon published this in a memo, everybody pooh-poohed it, everybody said Nunes is lying, everybody said Nunes needs to be kicked off the Intelligence Committee. Everybody said Devin Nunes is sick, Devin Nunes is a partisan, we can’t listen. He was dead-on right. Almost two years ago.

Why did we even have to wait two years for this Horowitz debacle? You know what all these investigations have turned up, very simply? Among other things, but one of the big standouts, Donald Trump is the only person in Washington who did not abuse power. In this whole sordid affair, Donald Trump is the only person who didn’t abuse power and, in fact, was a victim of abuse of power, not a violator.

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